The lake town with the silent W

Yesterday was a total blur, which is why I’m posting the next morning! For our time here so far, we’ve had beautiful weather, and yesterday was no exception. It might have sprinkled on and off, but that was it.

My beautiful mocha was almost too beautiful to drink..... almost
My beautiful mocha was almost too beautiful to drink….. almost

We slept in a bit and went to the Shabby Scholar for lunch. The Shabby Scholar is one of The Nomad’s local hangouts. Owned by the same people who run the Dutch Uncle, the Shabby Scholar is a cute little place that has fancy coffees and incredible food. All the tables in the room we were sitting at had been made from old fashioned sewing machines!

I was trying to decide what I wanted to eat, and I just couldn’t make up my mind (like normal). I didn’t want to be too full because we were going to be riding in the car to the Lake District afterward, so I decided to go with the hamburger they offered.

shabby_burgerSo much for not being too full. Oh my goodness. It was massive. Served on a foccacia type roll, it was a giant beef patty with some kind of cheese, and it came with slaw and jalapeno jam. My goodness. Oh, and the chips. It was so good. The Padre did what I did, The Nomad ordered lamb roast, and The Ginger had the “Meat Feast” sandwich.

By the end of lunch, we decided we really didn’t need dinner.

Afterward, we rolled out of the Shabby Scholar and waddled back to The Nomad’s house to load up and head for Keswick.

Helpful tidbit? Keswick is pronounced KEZ-ick. The W is silent.

Keswick, Cumbria
Keswick, Cumbria

Keswick is this adorable little town in the English countryside, filled with markets and shops and pubs, close to a beautiful lake with a little island in it. The Ginger called it a British Bark Park because it seemed everyone had brought their furry companions along, and all the stores were “dog friendly.”

It was cloudy when we got there, but the sun came out before too long. It’s a truly beautiful place. The lake has a marina too, where you can rent boats or take rides. We followed a trail to a place called the Friar’s Crag, where a half dozen older folks were sitting on benches listening to the waves.

DSC_5247The Lake District is one of those places you don’t know what to take a photograph of first.

After we finished wearing ourselves out at the lake, we crammed back into the Peugeot (which I have nicknamed Pierre) and drove the 40 minutes back to Carlisle. We dropped The Padre off at his B&B, and The Nomad, The Ginger, and I went grocery shopping for our excursion to Scotland today.

Then, we came back to The Nomad’s Place, ate a bit of pizza, and watched Olympus Has Fallen.

This morning, we’re going to church, and after that we’ll be heading north to the Highlands. We’ve also been allowed to borrow the little video camera from The Nomad’s office, so you can probably expect to see some video clips from us too as we go on our Scottish adventure!

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