Fake Baker Street and the coolest street market ever

Fake Baker Street and the coolest street market ever

So yesterday was crazy and I didn’t get a post up. We got The Ginger off to meet her flight early. It’s kind of strange how you get the airport in London. You actually take the tube. The Piccadilly Line goes straight into Heathrow.

But once we saw her off, we went back to the hotel and finished packing. One of the features of our excellent little hotel is that you can leave your luggage at the desk after you check out for no charge, which was sweet because we had to check out at 11 a.m. and our train didn’t leave until 2:40 p.m.

We decided to squeeze a bit more sightseeing into the mix. There were a few places we’d wanted to go that we hadn’t been able to get to. So we left our luggage and set out as quickly as we could. We didn’t want to miss our train.

Our first stop was 187 N. Gower Street. It sounds like a normal home address. It even looks like a normal home above a little cafe. But if you’re a fan of BBC’s Sherlock television series, you know it’s anything but normal. This is the actual filming location for the show, where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson live–the famous 221B Baker Street. It’s probably my favorite television show of all time.


Sadly, there was nothing going on when we were there. But it was still very cool to see it.

The Rosetta Stone at the British Museum, London
The Rosetta Stone at the British Museum, London

Then, since it’s right up the road, we stopped in at the British Museum. You can easily spend a whole day at the British Museum, but we didn’t have that kind of time. Fortunately, the really cool stuff is all on the first floor. So we popped in and took the photos of the Egyptian stuff and the wall carvings from Ninevah and the giant reconstructed Nereid temple from Greece, and then we were on our way again.

The Nomad’s roomie had recommended that we stop at another place–the Borough Market. If you want to be really British, you have to pronounce it properly. In the States, we’d say BUR-row Market. But here it’s BUH-ruh Market.

And after stopping by, we wished we’d made it one of our main locations to see. It was absolutely incredible! And massive! The place is a wholesale fruit and vegetable market with some baked goods and other types of foods too. There were more than 100 stalls and thousands and thousands of people.

The Borough Market from the pub across the street
The Borough Market from the pub across the street

But the best part was the samples.

A beautiful olive booth at the Borough Market, London

Just about every booth had samples, and if they didn’t have it sitting out, you could ask for it. Meats and cheeses and breads and baked goods and sauces and chilis and jams and teas and even fresh pastas, I’m told. We didn’t get around to everything. We got there and tried some cheeses and some meats, and then we needed to eat lunch.

So we stopped in the pub across from the market, which uses produce from the market. The Nomad had steak and ale pie which was phenomenal (I tried some). The Padre got a burger that turned out about as big as his head. And I got sausages and mashed potatoes (bangers and mash). Everything was excellent.

The upstairs dining area of the pub across from the Borough Market
The upstairs dining area of the pub across from the Borough Market

We were so sad we didn’t have more time to spend there. The Nomad bought some strawberries that were big and beautiful–two packages for one pound! And then we had to race off to the tube to get back to the hotel to fetch our luggage.

It was tight, but we made it to Euston Station with about 15 minutes to spare. So we drank some coffee until we had to go running to meet our train back to Carlisle.

I know The Nomad and I both caught a nap on the train. Maybe a few naps, actually. But in between naps we worked on proofing the latest Crosshair Press book, Kenan. I’ve got to make all the corrections the moment we get home and order the inventory so we can release them on May 31.

We were about as tired as this poor lady sleeping across from us
We were about as tired as this poor lady sleeping across from us

We made it back safely and split off at the train station, where the Padre went to his B&B and The Nomad and I went back to her house.

We’d planned to make dinner, but we were both so tired we decided on doing something out. We ended up at the Subway across the way, because they have free refills. And, of course, we talked for hours. We didn’t get back to The Nomad’s house until about 9:30 p.m., and what else were we supposed to do after we’d had so much caffeinated pop to drink? We couldn’t sleep. So we watched Skyfall and pointed and giggled every time some part of London we’d visited showed up on the screen (it happened quite often).

We made it to bed by midnight or 1 a.m. Now we’re all up and getting ready to go to church. The Padre is walking over soon. This afternoon we’re planning to do laundry and pack and maybe do a bit of wandering around Carlisle.

Tomorrow we have a little time in the city, but our train leaves for Manchester in the evening so that we can catch our flight home Tuesday morning. Hard to believe it’s already almost here!

Look for a full London recap soon with all our favorite spots listed in case you ever want to visit yourself!

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