A Scottish breakfast and Indian take-away

So we spent much of today recovering from yesterday and driving back to Carlisle in Pierre the Peugeot. We at a late breakfast/early lunch at The Golden Larches, the little family diner near our cabin. That place is wonderful. If you’re ever in Balquhidder, stop by the Golden Larches. Have a steak pie and a sticky toffee pudding.

Me, The Padre, The Ginger, and the Nomad at the Golden Larches
Me, The Padre, The Ginger, and the Nomad at the Golden Larches

Then, we piled into the car and drove back to The Nomad’s place. We threw some laundry in so it could dry in time for us to leave in the morning for London. And then we got The Padre settled in his B&B, Abbey Court, just across from where he had been staying before.

Then, The Nomad, The Ginger, and I walked down to Curry Master and got some take-away. Ohhh… yumminess. I would have taken a photograph of my chicken korma with rice and garlic naan…. but I ate it before I thought about it. So tasty.

The Nomad also had chicken korma, but the Ginger wanted to do some something different. I hadn’t even heard of what she ordered. Chicken Bhuna. It tasted more like curry, with some cumin flavor in it too. It was pretty spectacular.

After gorging on curry, we went to visit The Nomad’s small group, where we played a hilarious matching game called Doobles. Or something like that. What a riot!

Now we’re trying to get packed up so we can meet The Padre at the train station at 9:30 a.m., when our train leaves for London! We’ve got a busy few days ahead of us.

The bad news is I do think my camera has bit the dust. It’s survived one trip to England and several trips to Guatemala, as well as trips around the U.S. and multiple adventures at the zoo and around the farm. The Scottish wind and rain was just too much for it. But it doesn’t owe me anything. Poor old camera has done a good job.

But that just means I’ll be subsisting on cell phone photos in the week to come, but The Padre has his camera. So maybe I’ll steal from him!

A.C. Williams

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