Why tour guides should eat junk food

IMG_20141019_190424One of the perks of Judgement House (and there are many) is the food. Every night, we get a beautiful tray of totally-bad-for-you snacks. Yes, there are veggies, but they are accompanied by a lovely bowl of ranch dressing. Cheese and crackers. And all the homemade cookies you can eat. And then, on Sundays, because we start around 2:30 pm and don’t leave until 10:00 pm (or 2:00 am the second week), we get dinner. Last night it was Papa Murphy’s pizza. Lots of different kinds.

It’s good for tour guides, I say, because they’re on their feet all night with only about a ten minute break in between. So now begins our slow recovery for the next two days (I’m home sick this morning) before we jump back in on Wednesday.

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