TV Show Review: Broadchurch

TV Show Review: Broadchurch

REVIEW_broadchurch-featuredWhat is it?

Broadchurch is a BBC crime drama television series set in a small British town on the coast of England. A young boy is murdered, and Detectives Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller must solve the mystery and find the killer. But the investigation will tear the town apart.

Who’s in it?

David Tennant and Olivia Colman in Broadchurch

Broadchurch stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman among many others, including Arthur Darvill, who is probably better known for his role as Rory Williams (Pond) on Doctor Who.

What did I like?

Broadchurch, which is currently filming its third season, is a fantastic show with a tremendously complicated storyline and lots of bright, vivid characters. Season one and two (or series, as they’re referred to in England) of Broadchurch are both composed of eight episodes, and it’s almost impossible to stop watching them once you start. So be warned.
The story drags you in instantly, and it won’t let you go until it’s over. Honestly, it doesn’t let you go even then, because it leaves you hanging.

It leaves you guessing with every episode, never revealing enough so that you can guess who did it. And it actually caught me completely by surprise. I had no idea who the killer was.

I love how flawed and real all the characters are, and I loved the true-to-life struggles they had to face and overcome. There were a lot of tear-jerker moments, but it still had quite a few funny-enough moments.

Arthur Darvill in BBC's Broadchurch
Arthur Darvill in BBC’s Broadchurch

Probably my favorite part is Arthur Darvill as the local priest. He does a fantastic job as the character, yes, but I also loved the way they handled the faith aspect of the show. It was honest, genuine, and featured actual Scripture passages stated in the correct context.

What did I not like?

Broadchurch is a great show with a fascinating perspective on law enforcement. Series one deals with a murder investigation. Series two deals with the criminal trial. The worldview is secular, of course, but there are many instances where morality and truth are discussed.

There are aspects of the show I didn’t like, but they are the aspects that make it a murder drama. It’s hard to say I love a show when the main topics are murder and deception and adultery and liars. But the excellence of the production, the acting, the filming, the storytelling—even though it’s about topics that aren’t happy, it all works together to form a beautiful story.

Redemption and grace. Forgiveness and justice. And unconditional love.

Should you watch it?

Broadchurch is one of the shows I would heartily recommend to anyone who enjoys the crime drama genre of television. But even for people who don’t normally like that sort of show, I still say you should give it a try.

One thing is certain. If you like listening to someone speak in a heavy Scottish accent, you can’t miss this one. That’s probably my favorite part of Broadchurch—David Tennant gets to use his regular accent. And I could listen to that man talk all day long.

Broadchurch on DVD

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