Turkey Caldo in Guatemala
Turkey Caldo is a wonderful meat and vegetable soup you can find in the Kekchi (Q'eqchi) villages of Guatemala

Turkey Caldo in Guatemala


One of my favorite experiences from my trips to visit friends in Guatemala is the food. I love food anyway, so getting to try something different than the normal American fare is a treat.

Caldo is a kind of soup, and it’s probably found in many countries, even if they call it by a different name. But among the Kekchi in Peten Guatemala, it’s a staple. It can be made with any type of meat. I’ve had turkey caldo and chicken caldo, but I’ve heard it can be made with fish too.

Basically, you throw the meat, some vegetables (cabbage and onions seems common), seasonings, and water into a pot and cook it all day. Then you dip it out, drop some of the meat pieces into it, and serve it with corn tortillas. The photo I used with this post is one I actually took when I was sitting in the sweltering hot dirt-floor hut of a Kekchi home in a village called San Miguel somewhere in the jungles of Peten. I was starving when I sat down, and seriously this soup was one of the best things I have ever eaten.

I can’t speak for the caldo in other countries, but if you’re ever in Peten Guatemala and you’re blessed enough to be invited into a Kekchi home when they’re serving caldo, you’re totally in for a treat.

It’s not exactly a “funky food,” but it’s not something you’re going to find in the average American restaurant. And even if an American restaurant tried to duplicate it, I don’t think it would taste the same. Caldo is one of those things that you’ve got to eat in the right environment, I think. 😉

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