The Whole Brain Does Kansas City (on the cheap!)

The Whole Brain Does Kansas City (on the cheap!)


So a few weeks ago, my best friend and I were talking about stress and how to deal with stress. There’s tons of stuff happening in both of our lives, and I’m sure there are tons of books and programs to help people learn how to manage stress. But instead of enrolling in a program or buying a book, we decided to run away to Kansas City for a spontaneous few days of window shopping and BBQ. This is our story.

First, it’s important to know what I mean when I say “The Whole Brain.” My best friend and I pretty much share a brain. We aren’t sure who has which side. We sort of trade places most of the time. So when I say “The Whole Brain” I mean my best friend and I.

This is my best friend Katie. She’s holding a cute wooden serving dish we found in Sur La Table, an amazing home store on the Country Club Plaza.

My bestest buddy, Katie
My bestest buddy, Katie

Our first stop on our trip was in Manhattan to have dinner with Katie’s sister Lindsey at Dancing Ganesha, an Indian restaurant in Aggieville. Seriously. Very tasty. If you’re around, stop in. Awesome naan bread.

Then Katie and I¬†continued up to our little hotel in Kansas City. We stayed at the Sleep Inn at the Kansas City Airport. Honestly, it was a pretty nice room for the price, and it was close enough to things that we didn’t take forever driving.

We wandered all over for a few days and looked at all the awesome stuff on the plaza, Sur La Table, as I mentioned above and many others.¬†There was another store on the Plaza called Anthropologie, and it was really quirky. It had some cool stuff inside, including a woman painting a wooden frame. I don’t think she was for sale, but it was interesting to watch.

Another store we stumbled on to was Vom Fass, a bulk oil, wine, and spirits distributor. Now THIS was a cool place. Shelf after shelf of wooden kegs of oil and wines, along with so many beautiful glass bottles of alcohol in every color and variety you can imagine. Just gorgeous. And the people were really nice too!

We looked at clothes. We looked at furniture. And Katie found a hat.

It was just amazing all the different things we got to see and do. But the real treat–the part we’d been wanting since we set food in Kansas City–was barbecue.


That beautiful plate of meat in the above photo is called “The Roundup” and it’s at Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. Amazing!! And that whole plate cost around $30. Katie and I split it, and we had it for lunch the next day too!

We had so much fun in Kansas City, and it didn’t cost us much at all. We got a good hotel deal, split a few meals, and bought some groceries to take with us. It was a great time to chill and relax and just have fun, but hands down, the best part was getting to spend time with this lovely lady.

Pretty Katie with her happy green teapot



A.C. Williams

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  1. I did not see any pics of the other side of the brain!

    1. Yeah, the other side had the camera and doesn’t much care for photos of herself!!

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