Tasty biscuits and cold matcha lattes

Brunch and tea time in Atlanta today was wondrous! We decided on the Flying Biscuit in Brookhaven for breakfast/lunch, and then afterward we would head to Zen Tea before delivering The Nomad to the airport to catch her flight.

Flying Biscuit Cafe, 705 Town Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30319. Photo by David Kosmos Smith.

Flying Biscuit Cafe, 705 Town Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30319. Photo by David Kosmos Smith.

One of the breakfast options

One of the breakfast options

If you’re ever in Atlanta, you absolutely must have breakfast at the Flying Biscuit. It’s really tasty. And apparently there are many locations around Atlanta proper, so there’s always one close by. They have some pretty fantastic chicken sausage patties, and they also serve a spectacular bowl of creamy grits.

My goodness. That was really good. Sparky and The Nomad both had pancakes, which were large and really good too.

After we stuffed our faces with tasty breakfast food, we piled into our separate vehicles and drove down the street to Zen Tea. It’s a cute little tea shop with a definite Asian flair, tucked back in a relatively industrial looking area in a part of Atlanta called Chamblee.

Not a Zen Tea matcha latte ... but a close approximation

Not a Zen Tea matcha latte … but a close approximation

We all marched in and sat down at the bar, and Elena ordered cold matcha lattes for us.

Now, I’ve had matcha tea before. It’s green tea leaves that have been ground and crushed into a fine powder and then mixed with water. It has a very smooth texture. But I’d never been brave enough to try it in a latte–or cold with soy milk for that matter!

Wow! It was delicious! It’s definitely something I’ll be trying again the next time I find a place in Wichita that serves them.

zentea2But the tea experience didn’t stop there. This place also has every kind of tea you can imagine–every variety, every flavor, every everything! We ordered a few pots of hot tea to share. Even Sparky got in on it when Elena ordered him a little pot of Scottish caramel pu-erh (which is a black tea that’s been fermented). The rest of us had peach white tea and a Lady Gray tea. All spectacular.

It was so good to see Elena again, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to come down and stay longer than just a day.

After we finished our tea, we jumped back in the car and delivered the Nomad to her flight. It was sad to watch her marching off again, but the next six months will fly. Pretty soon she’ll be home again.

Farewell, Nomad! Until we meet again!

Farewell, Nomad! Until we meet again!

After we sent the Nomad off, we hit the road again and headed for Columbia, South Carolina. Sparky and I drove through some pretty impressive rain, but we arrived safely. More on that tomorrow as we just now got back in from dinner.

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