Submissions away!

I haven’t submitted anything for ages. It’s been so long I’d almost forgotten how. But no more. I got two off last night, and hopefully my wonderful assistant will help me get two more off tomorrow. Four separate pieces that are very different from each other:

1 – a short story about a young woman seeking independence who gets her car stuck in a snow drift (“Drifting”)

2 – a short article about the benefits of international mission’s trips (“Mexican Cement”)

3 – a fantasy about the danger of religion (“The One without a Book”)

4 – a short romantic comedy about a geek girl who falls in love with a guy who has perfectly symmetrical nostrils (“Chris Maher’s Left Hand”)

So . . . we’ll see what happens. This is the first time I’ve actually felt this confident about anything I’ve submitted, but that could be a bad sign.

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