So about that Guatemala book …

For the last month I’ve been pretty much locked in my office working on revisions to my space opera sequel. Namesake, the second book in the Destiny Trilogy, isn’t the hardest book I’ll ever write, but it definitely ranks as the most difficult one I’ve written yet. My beta readers have it currently, and in a few weeks, once I get their comments back, I’ll put my publisher hat on. But for now I’m still wearing my author hat and basking in the satisfaction of another manuscript completed.


My very first novel, Nameless, released in December 2014, and it’s been a wild, crazy ride so far. I’ve learned more about the publishing world in the last two years than I had in the 20 years previous. And what’s great is that I’m still learning–more and more every day. And there are so many exciting things happening, I wish I could blog about all of them. But that would take time I don’t have, and it’s probably good to keep some things secret so we can build some tension, right?

But one thing I can share is a personal project I’m going to start working on tomorrow.

Those of you who’ve been following me for a while have heard me mention a novel about Guatemala. I’ve been working on it for years. For a long time, I planned to have it published traditionally, but the more I learn about self-publishing, the more I hesitate to do anything else. Especially now that I know how to produce a quality story with a quality cover and quality typesetting and interior formatting.

So I’m very excited to announce officially that I will be self-publishing my adventure/comedy/coming-of-age novel about Guatemala, The Mountain Requires Blood. I go into my own initial edits/revisions tomorrow, and then I’m planning to send it to my editor as soon as she has an opening in her calendar. My goal is to have the manuscript good enough that she won’t need to do too much annihilation to get it ship-shape.

Right now, my intention is to release it mid-March, and you can bet I’ll be posting information about it here on my blog and on my Facebook page as well.

DSC_5175I love Guatemala. I know it’s high time for me to go back down for a visit again because recently all I want to eat is black beans and papaya, and if the Lord provides, I’m hoping to go back for about a month next year to work at an amazing institute down there run by some dear friends. It’s a beautiful country, and the people I’ve encountered there are so kind.

More than anything, I want to share this incredible story God laid on my heart years ago about what finding yourself actually means. So keep your eyes peeled for announcements. If you like my writing, you’ll have a lot (and I mean a lot) of new titles to choose from starting in December.

A.C. Williams

Amy Williams left a lucrative career in marketing to write novels about space cowboys, clumsy church secretaries, American samurai, and alternate dimensions. Along the way, she also discovered a passion for teaching other creative professionals how to use technology to make life easier. Through video instruction or one-on-one coaching, she teaches software, blogging, basic graphic design, and many other useful skills that help creative entrepreneurs get stuff done minus the frustration.

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