Reading: To Darkness Fled

To Darkness Fled by Jill Williamson

To Darkness Fled by Jill Williamson

To Darkness Fled by Jill Williamson

What is it?

Christian speculative fiction

Who wrote it?

Jill Williamson

What did I like?

Part two of the Blood of Kings trilogy is just as much fun as part one! Part one, By Darkness Hid, is a thrilling introduction to this fantasy world of allegory and symbols, and part two doesn’t disappoint. I love the characters. I love the story, and in this sequel the story just gets deeper. The relationships between the characters grow more complicated. And every page tells you something about the characters or the world or the culture that you didn’t know before.

What didn’t I like?

The only part of the story that I didn’t jive with is the female protagonist’s character change toward the end of the book. Vrell, the name she’s going by, is truly a girl hiding as a boy. Toward the end, her gender is revealed, and she runs away from Achan, the male protagonist. It’s important for the story, and it needs to happen. But it seems too sudden, like too much of a violent change in temperament, to be 100% believable. But then, she’s a teenager. So maybe that volatility is to be expected?

Should you read it?

Absolutely yes. Part one was tons of fun, and part two is equally so. Up until the end (when Vrell begins acting very un-Vrell-like), the relationships between the characters are complicated and interesting, and you keep wondering exactly how Achan is going to discover who Vrell really is and how he’ll react to it up until the very end. A great read!

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