Reading: The Plot Skeleton

The Plot Skeleton by Angela Hunt

The Plot Skeleton by Angela Hunt

The Plot Skeleton by Angela Hunt

What is it?

Non-fiction, writing reference

Who wrote it?

Angela Hunt

What did I like?

Books on how to write a novel are a dime a dozen. They’re everywhere. But I can’t tell you that I’ve read a book on the absolute bare-bones basics of plotting a novel before. And there’s no better person to do that than Angela Hunt. I’ve attended a writing workshop in Colorado Springs with Angela for three years now, and the concept of the plot skeleton (while maybe it’s not original to her?) is something she embraces fully and really knows how to teach. It’s a simple concept that even people who don’t consider themselves writers can implement.

What didn’t I like?

It’s too short! I read the whole book in 15 minutes, which is awesome on one hand but for me (who loves as much writing reference information as I can get), it only fueled my need. So it’s good that this is part one in the series, and I will for sure be purchasing the others that come out.

Should you read it?

If you’re looking for a quick, simple, basic explanation of what a plot is and how you can plot a novel, you can’t miss this book. It’s simply phenomenal. And Angela is an awesome teacher!

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