Our first book release party for the fourth Crosshair title!


So this happened yesterday! The release party for the book that two of my friends (and fellow Crosshair Press founders) co-authored! Lots and lots of people came, and we had a great time. So now the hard work begins–promoting and marketing.

What’s really cool is that even though Kenan is the fourth Crosshair Press title, this is the first time we had a customer base large enough to hold a release party. And since it was successful, that means we’ll be able to keep doing them. Guess what that means, Nameless fans? You got it. December of this year, we’ll be having another release party…..

But in the mean time, if you’re looking for a super funny, super fast, action-packed read, Kenan is for you. You can find out where to buy it on the Crosshair Press online bookstore or just leave me a comment.

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