Now for something completely different …

I’ve been asked to judge 5th and 6th grade prose for a local elementary school. Someone I work with at my “real” job (lol), has two children attending this school, and apparently this contest is something they do every year. From what I understand, the usual judge had some kind of emergency and had to bow out, and the lady I work with thought I might be interested.

I have never judged prose before in my life, elementary school or otherwise. I’ve edited plenty. And I’ve been in discussion groups over lots of it. But I’ve never actually been a judge, per se. So we’ll see how this goes. I’m kind of excited about it. It think it’s a really awesome opportunity to encourage some young writers.

By the time I was that age, I had already decided that I loved writing, but I hadn’t really anticipated that it was something I could end up doing for a living. So here’s hoping I can make good judgments and be as encouraging as I can. I intend to write notes on all of them if possible. I remember what it meant to me when a teacher would write notes on the silly little stories I cobbled together.

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