Movie Review: Leap Year

Movie Review: Leap Year


What is it?

Leap Year is an outrageous romantic comedy about an organized, OCD apartment stager who travels to Ireland on Leap Day to propose to her boyfriend of four years. But her plans don’t work out the way she expects, and she ends up begging a ride from a bitter, cynical pub owner, who makes her realize that maybe she doesn’t understand love as well as she thought.

Who’s in it?

Amy Adams plays Anna, a trendy apartment stager from Boston who’s desperately wanting to marry her cardiologist boyfriend of four years. Matthew Goode plays Declan O’Callahan, a bitter pub owner with a broken heart who comes off as cruel and cynical.

What did I like?

This movie is hilarious. I really wasn’t sure if I would like it or not, but I agreed to watch it because 2016 is a leap year. I laughed all the way through it. I’m a sucker for protagonists with accents, and the main guy in this is Irish to the bone (even if the actor isn’t).

The story is cute and not cheesy. It’s not awkward either, which is one of the things that makes me dislike a romantic comedy.

I also like that both characters are honorable. And (spoilers), Amy Adams’s character honors her boyfriend and agrees to marry him when he pops the question to her, in spite of the fact that she is questioning her feelings. She makes a decision based on what she knows rather than what she feels.

Granted, when she learns the truth about why he asked her to marry him, her situation turns around. But I still appreciate the fact that she didn’t just run off with the first Irish guy she ran into, in spite of the fact that he happens to look like Matthew Goode.

It’s also set in Ireland. So what’s not to like, guys?

What did I not like?

The story, while cute, is fairly predictable. But not in a bad way. Sometimes you just want a story that goes the way you expect it to. But if you dislike that sort of thing, you may not enjoy this one.

Should you watch it?

I think so. Absolutely. And here’s one major reason why: It’s currently available for streaming on Netflix! So if you’ve got Netflix, pop some popcorn, grab a cup of tea, and watch this hilarious romp through the Irish countryside. You’ll laugh yourself silly.

And if you don’t adopt the phrase, “Throw it in the wash. It’ll be grand.” by the time the movie’s over, you should watch it again.

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