Kittens playing at Safe Haven Farm

I’ve forgotten how much fun it is to have kittens. They’re so much fun, so silly and so curious about everything. I’m perfectly content to just sit on the back porch step and watch them, which is probably why I haven’t gotten any writing done recently.

All four kittens are doing quite well.

Typo the Kitten
Typo the Kitten

Typo, the baby and the runt of his own litter, is bow-legged and loud. He was six weeks old when we got him, but he’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself. However, he loves trying to get into the house. I think he was an indoor/outdoor sort of kitten, so he thinks it’s acceptable to dash into the house when the screen door is open. I’m hoping to break him of it before I trip over him and break my neck.

Llama the cross-eyed kitten
Llama the cross-eyed kitten

Llama has gotten much friendlier that she was. She comes out and meets me in the mornings and evenings, and she follows me around. She’s still a little skittish, but she likes to be picked up and cuddled. And that’s my kind of cat. She fell asleep on my lap tonight. She’s got this funny cross-eyed, startled look. Personally, I think she slightly resembles Jennifer Aniston, but that could just be me.


Tonight I had a breakthrough with the other two. I think food had something to do with it.

Barney the Boy Cat
Barney the Boy Cat

We’ve started calling the Other Ginger Boy Cat Barney because he took off for the barn at the first opportunity. He’s really one of the prettiest out of them all, and he’s pretty mellow—if a little bit of a scaredy cat. But he came up and let me scratch his ears tonight and didn’t run away when he saw me coming. So that’s progress!

Gremlin the shadow-stalking-skittish kitty
Gremlin the shadow-stalking-skittish kitty

And then—Gremlin. Oh, Gremlin. She’s so pretty and so scared of everything. We were all outside and a plane flew overhead and ZOOM! she was gone to the garage. But she came out a few moments later to eat some more. I got to pet her tonight too, but she didn’t realize it. She had her head stuffed in the pile of cat food, but when she looked up and saw it was me scratching her head, she took a moment to decide she didn’t like it enough to stick around before she jetted off across the yard. But I have high hopes she’ll calm down.

I know I promised not to fill up this blog with cat stories, but they’re so much fun. Hopefully the next post I do will be on the chainsaw massacre Dad and I made happen last weekend.

But until then … enjoy the kitties! I sure am!

Typo trying to capture Llama's tail
Typo trying to capture Llama’s tail … and failing

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  1. that’s why I decided every story needs a kitten. I added one to the 50 cents story. His name is Oswald 🙂

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