Jesus became like us so He could help us

Jesus became like us so He could help us

VERSE_hands-testing-help-hebrews-FeaturedI’m hoping to teach some writing workshops this year, if I can find anyone interested. I can teach people how to write. I can help people become better writers, because that’s what I’m good at. But if you ask me to help you with your algebra or your chemistry or biology, I’ll say no. Because, believe me, you don’t want my help in those subjects.

I love helping people, but I’m limited in how I can help. I can help in the areas that I excel in, but with everything else, it’s likely my “help” will get you a worse grade than you would have gotten if you’d done it yourself!

I love visiting other cultures, but until I’ve studied and researched that other culture, I will do my best to be invisible. Until you understand what you can do and what you shouldn’t do, it’s not a good idea to go blundering about in another country. You can offend someone, or you could even get yourself arrested and not know why.

Understanding a culture or even being able to help someone else means you have to get down on their level. You have to identify with that other person. You’ve got to speak their language, eat their food, learn their idiom, and walk their streets. If you don’t do that, how do you ever think you’ll know them well enough to help them?

Today’s verses are Hebrews 2:16-18.

We also know that the Son did not come to help angels; he came to help the descendants of Abraham. Therefore, it was necessary for him to be made in every respect like us, his brothers and sisters, so that he could be our merciful and faithful High Priest before God. Then he could offer a sacrifice that would take away the sins of the people. Since he himself has gone through suffering and testing, he is able to help us when we are being tested.

That’s what Jesus did for us, you realize. Jesus—God Himself—left His rightful place in heaven to come to earth. He put on skin and walked among us in the dirt and filth of our cruel, self-seeking world. He was willing to leave all of it behind. Why?

Jesus wanted to help us. So He had to become like us.

Jesus has walked in our shoes. He knows how hard life can be. He understands tragedy and loss, joy and happiness, disappointment and determination and, to a certain extent, failure. No, Jesus never sinned, but that doesn’t mean He always got His way either. There had to be times when He wanted something He couldn’t have. There had to be times He walked away from something He wanted because He couldn’t afford it or because circumstances demanded it.

Wrap your brain around that. Jesus, the King of Glory, Creator of All Things, turning away from something He wanted because He couldn’t afford it. Can you imagine the humility that took? At any time, He could have whipped out His ID card at any time and shown the whole world who He really was (was, is, will be, etc.), but He didn’t.

Jesus came to help us. He made Himself like us so that He would understand our trouble, our frustration, our sadness, our fears. And He does. But He isn’t controlled by them, and we don’t have to be either.

Jesus conquered every trouble and trial that came His way, even death itself. He showed us a new way to live. He showed us that this life isn’t all there is, and He reminded us that God never fails us.

So what are you struggling with today? What problem is challenging you in your life, and why haven’t you taken it to Jesus yet? And if you already have, why are you still holding on to it?

Jesus can help. Let Him.

A.C. Williams

Amy Williams left a lucrative career in marketing to write novels about space cowboys, clumsy church secretaries, American samurai, and alternate dimensions. Along the way, she also discovered a passion for teaching other creative professionals how to use technology to make life easier. Through video instruction or one-on-one coaching, she teaches software, blogging, basic graphic design, and many other useful skills that help creative entrepreneurs get stuff done minus the frustration.

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