Heading south for some much-needed downtime

Amos & Sparky go to Dallas

Amos & Sparky go to Dallas

Amos & Sparky go to Dallas

Today is my little brother’s birthday. He’s a whole 29 years old. And to celebrate, we’re going south to Dallas for a few days to chill out and eat at restaurants that haven’t come north to Kansas yet. And since we were both born in Texas, they let us come back across the border without any trouble. šŸ˜‰

I’m not sure if it makes us major nerds to plan our whole trip around restaurants, but that’s what we did. We have a few plans, but the biggest thing we’re going to do is just hang out. And I’m not going to lie: I can’t wait.

Because my brother is awesome.

Nerdy. But awesome.

And next year he’ll be 30 and that will give me all sorts of opportunity to post embarassing pictures of him all over everywhere. Can’t you feel the love?

I’m going to try to keep the blog(s) going while I’m en route, but we’ll see how well I do. And I have packed a supply of Benadryl because the last time we traveled together, I ended up being eaten alive by bed bugs. And since I’m not doing so hot on the allergic reaction scale at the moment, I’m not taking any chances.

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