Book Review: Threads of Malice

Book Review: Threads of Malice

REVIEW_ThreadsofMalice-Jones-featuredWhat is it?

Threads of Malice is a peculiar book in a peculiar genre. The sequel to Ghosts in the Snow, which I reviewed ages back, Threads of Malice is a dark fantasy mystery. It’s basically a crime novel/murder mystery set in a fantasy world. On Jones’s own site, she calls it a “forensic fantasy.”

Who wrote it?

Tamara Siler Jones

What did I like?

I loved Ghosts in the Snow, and I really enjoyed Threads of Malice. It goes to some much darker places than its predecessor, though, and it’s a much more graphic story. It doesn’t drag at all, and it really keeps you guessing until the very end.

The world it’s set in is visually stunning and culturally fascinating. I love the character of Dubric Byerly, the main character, who is the head of security at Castle Faldorrah. He’s broken and flawed and likable, and he’s only made more interesting by his gift/curse of seeing ghosts. That’s how he knows there’s been a murder. He can see the ghost walking around before the body is even discovered.
It’s riveting, relentless, and captivating. And I fully intend to read the third book in the series, Valley of the Soul.

What didn’t I like?

If I had to nail down something I didn’t care for, it would be the amount of gore. I can usually handle a lot of suspense and violence, but Threads of Malice has a lot of really graphic, really bloody scenes. There are a few torture scenes that are fairly intense that I ended up skipping over. I understand why they’re there, but they were just a little much for me.

Should you read it?

If you enjoy forensic-style mysteries and you’re looking for something a little different, I’d say this is definitely the book for you. Be warned that it is very graphic in places, but if you’re used to shows like CSI or NCIS where autopsies are common, you’ll probably be all right.

If you’re a fantasy reader, you can’t go wrong either. It’s a thrilling read you won’t be able to put down.


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