Arrival in Atlanta

Arrival in Atlanta

Good morning from sunny Atlanta, Georgia! We arrived safely yesterday evening, but the three of us were so exhausted we just crashed in our super nice hotel room. We’d eaten a big, late lunch outside of Birmingham–a pretty tasty place called Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ Restaurant in Jasper. Very, very yummy.

Birmingham traffic wasn’t as bad as I expected. Atlanta was an adventure. We missed a turn off at one point, but my phone actually helped us figure out where we were supposed to go. It’s been acting up in recent months, so I didn’t have a lot of confidence in it. But it came through for us.

atlwh_main01We’re staying in a nice Courtyard Marriott close to Marietta, and I’m hashing out plans with our local friends for brunch. So far, our choices are two places–either the Flying Biscuit or West Egg. Gotta tell you, I’m leaning toward the Flying Biscuit just because of the name.

I had hoped to post on Monday night, but our hotel in Memphis was having internet issues. It was a nice-ish Fairfield with a free breakfast, but it wasn’t the best quality of anything. But it was free. Very thankful for my Marriott rewards points. Two “free” hotel stays on this trip!

We got in yesterday night and were just worn out, so we hit a Target and bought some random stuff for dinner because none of us were very hungry. And I mean it was random. Some 2 liters of pop, chips and salsa, yogurt, and a bag of Caesar salad, which we mixed in the bag and served in the paper cups in the room. It was pretty tasty.

Right now I’m down in the cafe in the Courtyard, typing this update while Sparky is working out and the Nomad is grabbing a little bit more sleep.

The plan for today is to do brunch with Elena and then hit a tea shop she’s recommended. After that, we’ll get the Nomad to the airport by 2:30 pm so she can make her flight on time. Then, Sparky and I will head eastward toward Columbia. Google says it’s only three or four hours. That’s where we’ll be for the next few days before we start the long drive home. Sparky says we’ll go home through the Cumberland Gap, so I’ll be sure to take lots of photos.

Hopefully tonight I’ll have the low down on the places we go in Atlanta today.

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