A web site for storytellers

This is an experiment for me. I have been blogging for years and years, and I have blogged consistently almost every day this year since January 1 on my AlwaysPeachy blog. But I’m going to try something different.

I’m going use this blog for usage notes and other things I learn about the publishing process as I attempt to get something published. I will include notes on writing contests I have entered (successfully or otherwise), as well as organizations I have been a member of and whether or not it was worth it.

Maybe I’ll catch somebody’s attention.

Maybe not. Either way, it’ll provide another outlet for me to put my thoughts down in cyberspace and maybe someone will stumble on here and find something that will help them.

So good luck to all you aspiring authors. The best advice I can offer you at this point in my career is be a storyteller first. Then, it won’t matter if you never get published. As a storyteller, if you finish one story, you’ll be a success, even if nobody ever reads it.

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