A British pub with a bluegrass band

A British pub with a bluegrass band

Sparky and I got into Columbia with very little trouble. Yeah, we managed to hit rush hour in Atlanta. Sure, we managed to hit rush out in Columbia too. But Sparky’s a pretty decent driver. So it was all good.

The-British-BulldogWe got checked into our hotel and touched base with Ethan, an old friend who’s down here at seminary, and he drove up to our hotel to meet us. Once here, he asked me if I’d had enough England (to which I replied, “of course not!”) and then he took us to The British Bulldog Pub.

Super, super tasty place, friends. And fun! I highly recommend it if you’re in the area. I did check the menu. They didn’t have sticky toffee pudding. That would have been the best menu item to compare.

Ethan’s amazing girlfriend Charron met us there, and it was so nice to catch up.

bulldog_steakpieI ordered a steak and ale pie in order to compare it to the one I had in England. And, yeah, it was really really good, but I will say, the one I had in England was better. Ditto for the fish and chips Sparky ordered. But for an American imitation, it wasn’t bad. 😉

What was very cool was the live music the place offered. I’m sure they have bands of all kinds come in, but last night it happened to be a bluegrass band! So we ate our British food to the sounds of fiddles, banjos, and intermittent yodeling.


It was pretty fantastic.

After we’d eaten way too much, we had a small discussion about what to do today. Basically all we really decided to do was to meet at Columbia International University, where Ethan is studying. So that’s what we’re doing this morning. We’ll probably bum around the city today, maybe go to some museums, see some cool old stuff.

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