15min Photo Session No. 9

Dad and I recently took a quick jaunt down to Arkansas to pick up some beef we’d had processed. We’d gone in on a half a beef with our cousins, and it was time to go pick it up. We’d been planning to go next week, but we had a bit of a schedule change. So we hopped in the car and drove down for an overnight.

While we were there, we stayed at our cousin’s rental cottage. I’ll be doing a post on it later, but if you’re in Northwest Arkansas and need a place to stay, it’s pretty convenient but just enough secluded that you feel like you can get away. It’s a great place to unplug!


My trusty 2012 Malibu getting ready to depart from Safe Haven Farm


Cute little Rock House Rental where we stayed the night


These folks do the meat processing. They’re great to work with.


Look at all that beautiful beef!


Dad and Dash having a serious conversation

Photos that I have taken are free for personal/commercial use, but please credit A.C. Williams and link to the image on my site. Thank you!

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