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even if life turns upside-down

Even if life turns upside-down

None of us have the power to change much of anything in our lives, not without help. When we get to these points in life (and all of us do), we have to hold on to something.

What people say about you doesn’t matter

You will encounter people who don’t like you, and some people will lie and spread rumors about you. And, not to be a downer, but there’s not much you can do about it. Confront them in kindness, but if they keep doing it, all you can do is live a life that contradicts their lies.

Getting angry doesn’t make a bad situation better

You can fight someone else all day long and have nothing to show for it but a fractured relationship. Instead, speak what’s true with love. You can tell people what God says without being hurtful.


If you want a good time, you should put an Independant Baptist and a Southern Baptist in the same room and ask them what they think of each other. Hours of endless entertainment. And you don’t have to use Baptists. You can use any denominational group that thinks they’re better than everybody else. Frankly, just […]

Be kind because you can’t rewind

At Libraries and video rental stores, all the VHS cassette tapes had stickers on them that said “Be kind. Rewind!” so that people would remember to rewind the tape to the beginning of the reel so the next person to check it out wouldn’t have to. I sure hope I remembered to do that, but […]