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even if life turns upside-down

Even if life turns upside-down

None of us have the power to change much of anything in our lives, not without help. When we get to these points in life (and all of us do), we have to hold on to something.

If I’m a winner, why do I live like a loser?

I can acknowledge an obstacle without letting it discourage me. God has made me a conqueror. God has made me victorious. Through Him, I can do impossible things. And so can you.

Don’t fight battles that aren’t meant for you

Too many times I try to fight battles I can’t win. I jump into the fray because I want to be useful. I want to show God that He can trust me, but what if He’s just asking me to be still?

Stop seeing your weakness as a failure

Following Jesus sounds backwards…. When you choose to follow Jesus, you don’t get any stronger. Actually, you learn that it’s okay to be weak, because that’s how you have access to His strength. And His strength is perfect.

Why should we have confidence in God?

If confidence stems from someone’s abilities, how can we not have confidence in God? God is God….He can be anywhere and everywhere, whenever, wherever, and however He chooses. So the question isn’t how we can have confidence in God. The question is why should we.

Don’t rush learning how to follow Jesus

Don’t rush following Jesus. Enjoy it. Learn to see the trouble as opportunities for God to show His power. But the more you seize opportunities to follow Jesus, the stronger you’ll become.

Living a victorious life in spite of a broken world

We don’t have to give in to the petty, grasping arguments and disagreements of the people around us. We don’t have to hurt each other. We have the power to choose love. We have the power to be like Jesus, and Jesus is undefeated.

God is more than enough

God is bigger than anyone or anything else in the world. It’s an inconvenient truth when we want our own way, because that means we have to surrender our stubborn will to God’s. But when life is too much for us to handle, it’s nice to know that God is more than enough.

Beyond your roughest road is great joy

When the road gets difficult and the potholes keep coming and the rain won’t stop falling, just remember that God is with you, and He’s also on the other side of your struggle. He’ll help you get through it.

The Asthmatic Mountain Climber’s Guide to Life

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