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even if life turns upside-down

Even if life turns upside-down

None of us have the power to change much of anything in our lives, not without help. When we get to these points in life (and all of us do), we have to hold on to something.

To make the road obvious

Check your directions. Remember your compass. Stay on the road God showed you at the beginning. And don’t try to make sense of life without Him.

Do you trust God or not?

Do you trust God or not? If you say you do, shouldn’t you be living like it?

When you only want half of Jesus

Imagine you walk into the grocery store and fill your shopping cart with essentials. Not the name brand products either. Just what you need to get by. Then, when you go to pay for your cart of groceries, you present the sales clerk with half a credit card. Do you think you’ll get to go […]

What’s wrong with the Church?

I learned a long time ago never to write when I’m angry. So I may delete this post before it goes live. If you’re reading this now, you can assume the Holy Spirit shouted at me loud enough to keep it, because I don’t usually do this. I’ve about had it, folks. Never in my […]

Don’t give power to powerless things

Removing idols from your life is difficult, painful work. Not only does it hurt you, but it hurts the people around you.

Understanding God’s way takes humility and love

It’s easy for someone to keep holding on to the life they know. We need to show them that a life lived with Jesus is more satisfying than anything else in the universe. But it’s not something you can just say and expect them to understand. You need to live it first.

Look! A post!

First off, let me apologize for taking so long between posts. I promise I’m still alive and kicking. I’ve just been so busy at work, and I’ve been buried in my church’s annual outreach drama. But now that’s finished. And hopefully I can go back to posting more. Secondly, I was feeling in need of […]