Character Profile: Meg Mitchell

Character Profile: Meg Mitchell

For the last week, we’ve been celebrating the re-launch of Meg Mitchell & The Secret of the Journal with an amazing blog tour, organized by Unicorn Quester (aka Laura A. Grace). It’s been a ton of fun getting to talk to so many different people about my imaginary universe.

So as we’re wrapping up, I thought it might be fun to start a new series of blog posts on the different characters of the Legend of the Lightkeepers series. And where better to start than with the one who began everything? Meg Mitchell herself.

Meg Mitchell Legend of the Lightkeepers Secret of the Journal Young Adult Fantasy Urban portal Character Profile: Meg Mitchell

Full Name: Margaret Elizabeth Mitchell
Preferred Name: Meg Mitchell
Age: 15 (when first introduced)
Height: 5’4”

Personality Type: ISTJ

Meg Mitchell Legend of the Lightkeepers Secret of the Journal Young Adult Fantasy Urban portal Yes, Meg is an ISTJ. While the type is the third most common among the population in general (and the most common personality for men), only 7% of women test as ISTJs. I’m fairly certain the reason I have struggled with understanding Meg all my life is that the only personality trait we share is the I!

As an Introvert, Meg is energized by alone-time. Being around lots of people drains her. As an S, she pays attention to facts and details. As a T, she values reason and logic more than emotion. And as a J, she likes structure and organization.

ISTJs are often called:

  • Dependable
  • Practical
  • Thorough
  • Conservative
  • Methodical
  • Efficient
  • Traditional
  • Steady
  • Reliable
  • Direct
  • Task-oriented
  • Decisive

They don’t like the spotlight, especially for doing things that need to be done anyway, and while they appreciate everyone else’s opinions in theory, they struggle to understand those who make emotional decisions or who see life differently.

To read more about ISTJ personalities, check out the profile on 16Personalities or this video.

Are you an ISTJ? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Meg is an outdoorsy type of person, active and graceful. She is a terrible cook, actually a danger in the kitchen, but when it comes to building huts for the native Josharons, doing chores, planting fields, or training in Andaiku, she is right at home.


Celtican Josharon English language chart Meg Mitchell secret of the journal legend of the lightkeepersFor a tomboyish girl, Meg has extraordinarily long hair. Unbraided, it falls below her waist. She keeps it that length to honor her father, Charles Mitchell, who always told her how much he liked it. It’s her way of remembering him. But it often gets in the way, which is why she braids it and pins it on top of her head in a coil.

Meg also has uncommonly dark blue eyes, just like her brother, sister, and cousin. It’s a Mitchell family trait, as both her father and her uncle Donald had the same color of eyes.

When Meg and her siblings first arrived in the Andarian Dimension (she was 6 years old), she spoke with a decided Irish accent, as both her parents were Irish immigrants. But throughout the years of living at Prism Castle, her accent was replaced with the broad, flat accent of the Josharon people—the walking, talking fox tribe that makes Rainbow Valley their home. Meg speaks English, of course, but she is also fluent in the language of her adoptive parents, Celtican, which is similar in many aspects to Hindi. She also knows the Josharon language, which is a derivative of Celtican.

Family + Hobbies

Like her brother Danny, Meg was born on the family farm in rural Kansas. Her father was a farmer, and they lived in an old farmhouse for several years before circumstances forced them to move to California, where their sister Jenny was born. When Meg was 5, her parents were killed in a car crash, and she and her siblings were sent to a state home. But before the state could split them up, Meg, Danny, and Jenny were accidentally teleported between dimensions. They arrived in the Andarian Dimension where they were found by the Ittai family, Tolan and Velanna.

Meg LOVES food (she gets it from me). She has yet to meet a food she didn’t like, but her greatest weakness is Josharon chicken korma with saffron rice. With a culture similar in many ways to Hindi, the Josharons specialize in a range of dishes that are much like Indian food of our world. Korma, a coconut-based curry, is loaded with chunks of sauteed chicken and served over fragrant rice.

Image Credit: The Wanderlust Kitchen

Yeah, I’m a fan too.

Meg Mitchell is an avid reader, regardless of genre, although she does lean more toward history books. She loves working outside, either in the barns with the horses or in the fields with the Josharons. She even loves gardening with her sister, Jenny, even though they’ve both decided that Meg has a black thumb. More than anything, though, Meg loves Andaiku.


This ancient Celtican fighting style is so similar to the Indian martial art kalaripayattu (kuh-LAH-ree-pie-YAHT) that there is supposition the two fighting styles are the same, just separated by the interdimensional barrier. It is possible that the style crossed over from one dimension to the other, although it is unknown which dimension created it, Terran or Andaria. Kalaripayattu is widely believed to be the oldest martial art style on Earth.

Here’s a basic information video, mainly so you can get a feel for what it looks like. It’s completely different from other martial art forms that most Western folks would identify.

There is much more to tell about Meg Mitchell

But that would be giving away too much. So you’ll just need to keep reading, and keep your eyes peeled for more character profiles coming soon! And if you’re looking for a great read, check out Meg Mitchell & The Secret of the Journal!

Meg Mitchell & the Secret of the Journal

Meg Mitchell & the Secret of the Journal

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Series: The Legend of the Lightkeepers, Book 1
Genres: Epic Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: Crosshair Press
Publication Year: 2016
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9780692661116
Stories never end. They just get bigger. You only have to turn the page.
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About the Book

Meg Mitchell lives in a castle, but she’s no wilting princess. Raised in an alien world by adoptive parents, she spends her time fighting Centaurs, training as an Andai warrior, and chilling in her favorite willow tree.

But when Meg uncovers her birth father’s journal, she discovers a cousin she didn’t know existed. Meg and her little brother and sister travel through an interdimensional rip to San Francisco to search for their cousin, setting off a chain of events no one could have foreseen.

When her sister is kidnapped, Meg enlists the help of teenage detective Barb Taylor and her genius little brother Jim. Following clues dropped by a mysterious benefactor, they embark on a cross-country adventure to rescue her sister and find Meg’s cousin.

Family is everything to Meg, but not all is as it seems. In her quest to reunite her family, she may lose more than she ever imagined.

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