Q2 Review

Q2 Review

Is it just me, or is this year insane? It was only yesterday I was writing the Q1 Review, wasn’t I? How can three months be gone already? This is nuts! And as unlikely as it sounds, things are only going to get nuttier. But to keep myself honest, I thought it was a good idea to celebrate the things I accomplished this quarter and remind myself of what still needs to get done.

April 2017

WIPJoy | April 1 – 30 | FAIL

Yeah, so this didn’t happen. I think I got one week into it before things got crazy. I hadn’t prepared well enough in advance, so it all fell apart. But what’s nice is that this is something I can revisit later. So not all is lost!

National Sales Meeting | April 1 – 5 | ACCOMPLISHED

This crazy weekend was a blur of activity, but it was entirely successful. It was so great to see the folks I used to work with, and it was even better to meet all the new employees the company has brought on since I left. The A/V systems mostly operated without a hitch, although there were one or two human blunders (ask me about it in person sometime). In spite of all that, the Powers That Be were content, so I came away happy.

My Best Friend’s Wedding | April 8 | ACCOMPLISHED

Remmington & Katie (Morford) Phillips - photo credit Gina Dreher Photography (http://www.ginadreherphotography.com/)
Remmington & Katie (Morford) Phillips – photo credit Gina Dreher Photography (http://www.ginadreherphotography.com/)

Yes. This happened, and my BFF and her husband are adorable. They’re also incredibly inspiring (not to mention really cute!).

Life keeps throwing them curve balls. Ridiculous ones. I’m serious, if the average person had to endure what these two heroes of mine have over the last three months, I think they’d give up. But not them.

And finally, praise the Lord, they’re starting to get some good news. God is always good and always faithful, and they can testify to that.

If you want to hear some of her awesome, encouraging takeaways from her life, you should check out her blog at www.storyforhisglory.com. And if you’re a writer, you should think about signing up for a consult with her. Just saying.

My Personal Retreat | April 10 – 17 | ACCOMPLISHED

#HermesTheFrog and I chilling out in our beautiful little cottage in Estes Park
#HermesTheFrog and I chilling out in our beautiful little cottage in Estes Park

One of the best weeks I’ve had this year. No joke. I think I spoke maybe 500 words the entire week. I slept, I wrote, I read and read and read. I took a bath every day (no bathtub at Safe Haven Farm), and I ate a chocolate chip cookie every night. I slept as late as I could every morning, and I watched movies and the Cooking Channel.

And most importantly, I spent some time with Jesus one on one.

I came away refreshed, restored, and supremely encouraged. While I was there, I also laid the foundation for my latest entrepreneurial adventure: The Creative Techie.

If it’s possible, this is something I’d like to do every year.

May 2017

PENCON 2017 | May 1 – 8 | ACCOMPLISHED

Pencon LogoPENCON was the surprise conference of the year so far. I had not anticipated the amount of fun I would have, and I sure didn’t expect to meet soul sisters there. I built a lot of relationships, and I’m so excited about what’s coming next year. No dates officially yet, but my new venture The Creative Techie will be partnering with the PEN Institute to help editors learn how to make technology work for them.

During our time in Atlanta, we also got to see some wonderful friends, eat some fantastic food, and attend Buckhead Church. Plus, it was 2,400 miles of me and my bestie in the car. How can that not be awesome?

Writing Time | May 9 – 19 | FAIL

The problem with coming up with a new business concept is that it takes time to build, to promote, and to set up, which takes time away from other projects. I am so excited about The Creative Techie, and I think it has the potential to provide a living for me moving forward. But instead of working on novels during this time period, I worked on promotional materials and business plans.

ACFW OKC Chapter Meeting | May 20 | ACCOMPLISHED

This was another pleasant surprise! Katie and I loved getting to know the members of the OKC Chapter of ACFW. We were invited to speak by a friend from Realm Makers, and we ended up spending WAY more than the expected time just chatting with everyone. It was a great time, and we made some wonderful new friends.

Ireland | May 23 – June 6 | ACCOMPLISHED

Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland
Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland

My international adventure for the year! Ireland was an amazing time with my brother, sister-in-law, and two good friends. We went to the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren, the National Irish Heritage Park, Blarney Castle, Cork City Gaol (jail), and much much more! Plus I ate more beef and Guinness stew and fish and chips than a native.

I’ll have a high-quality photo gallery up soon, but for now you can check out the Ireland posts on the Wanderlost Archive. Or you can look for #hermesthefrog on Instagram. That crazy frog of mine loves taking photos.

June 2017

Writing Time | June 10 – 22 | FAIL

Writing didn’t happen. Guess what happened instead? You got it. Creative Techie stuff. During this time, I was neck deep in planning online courses, free webinars, blog posts, product reviews, and all sorts of other stuff. So writing, again, got pushed to the back burner. But, most of that is done now. Things are set up and in motion. So writing will be a stronger focus in the next quarter.

AWSA Conference | June 23-30 | ACCOMPLISHED

AWSA advanced writers and speakers association logoThe last event of the second quarter! AWSA was a brand new experience for me, and I loved it. As you’re reading this post, I am on my way home from Cincinnati. I’m sure I have some awesome experiences to relate, which I will be posting in an AWSA recap in July, so be looking for it.

One of the most amazing things, for sure, is that Katie (my bestie and editor extraordinaire) was nominated for the Golden Scroll Award. She didn’t win, but it was still a huge honor to be nominated! (Of course, she’s already a winner to me.)

Since my business partner in crime Amy Davis wasn’t able to attend, my parents tagged along with me instead. And while I was at the conference, they explored Cincinnati. And before we left, we hit up the Creation Museum. My buddy Hermes the Frog took a lot of pictures while we were there, and you can check those out on Instagram (#hermesthefrog).

Wrap Up

The second quarter of the year has been absolutely wild, extraordinarily emotional, and equal parts discouraging and inspiring. I’m excited to get some more things done in Q3, but I’m grateful for all the awesome stuff that’s happened so far this year. I’m also grateful for the not-so-awesome stuff, because it just means that God has something better coming.

If you’re interested in all the craziness that goes on in my adventurous writing life, be sure that you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks, everyone!


A.C. Williams

Amy Williams left a lucrative career in marketing to write novels about space cowboys, clumsy church secretaries, American samurai, and alternate dimensions. Along the way, she also discovered a passion for teaching other creative professionals how to use technology to make life easier. Through video instruction or one-on-one coaching, she teaches software, blogging, basic graphic design, and many other useful skills that help creative entrepreneurs get stuff done minus the frustration.

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