Adult Coloring Books are taking the marketplace by storm. It seems everyone is coloring now, and there’s a coloring book for every interest. But there are so many! How can you possibly choose which one to get? I put this little list together of the coloring books I either own or have borrowed from friends.

This is a beautiful book. It’s like something out of a fairytale. There are dragons and castles and waterfalls and fairies and pixies and all sorts of fantastic images. The only downside is that the pages aren’t perforated, but once you remove the book spine, they come out easily enough.

What’s really nice is that there are two copies of each image in this book. So you can color one, and a friend can color the other!

I really like this coloring book. It’s not too complicated or detailed. You can go as tiny as you want, but you can also relax and just cover the pages with pretty colors. The one down side is that it doesn’t have perforations in the pages, so if you want to remove the pages, you’ll have to do some surgery on the spine.

There are lots of awesome Bible verses to choose from, some well known and others not as well known. It’s a great place to start with your coloring adventures, and it also helps you focus on God’s word at the same time! 

This is a really detailed coloring book. If you want designs that are challenging and more geometrical, this is the coloring book you want. As with all of them, though, you need to make sure you put a piece of paper behind the page you’re working on. Otherwise, the colors will leak through.

Same story with this amazing book. The coloring pages are geometrical and very detailed, so you’ll need a really good quality thin-tipped marker. But what’s cool about this book is that what you’re coloring are animals. They’re just broken into geometric shapes.

It’s a gorgeous book. I would consider it more for an advanced coloring book user rather than a beginner, though.

Here’s another fun book! This book is actually more for a beginning color book artist. There are some images to color that have a lot of detail, but most of them are wider and less detailed.

What’s fun about this book is that each coloring picture has a hidden picture inside it, so it’s almost like a guessing game you can play while you color.

I love steampunk stuff, so when I found out that there was a steampunk coloring book, I was all in. This book is almost like fashion poses of women in steampunk outfits with various backgrounds. Some are easier than others. Many are very detailed. If you go this route, it’s best to have both wide markers and thin markers because of the variation in the designs.

It’s a really, really pretty book. And, a plus, the pages are perforated. So you can easily remove them!

Finally, these are the BEST COLORING PENS in the world. They’re a bit pricey, but they’re worth every penny. Great color quality, lots of beautiful options, and long-lasting ink. Plus they’re tiny so you can get into some of the really detailed coloring pages easily. If you’ve got a big, wide area to color, I’d use a broad-tipped marker, but for anything detailed, these are the way to go!

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