Basic Guide to WordPress Websites


With this easy-to-read, 9-page PDF manual, created by the Creative Techie, you can learn how to access your site, update your pages, add new posts, and work with images. Designed for website beginners, any non-techie artist can go from total newbie to confident professional. 


So you’ve got a WordPress website. Now what?

WordPress may be the most intuitive content manager on the market right now, but that doesn’t mean every artist will be able to start working with it confidently. That’s where this awesome custom manual comes in. With this document, you can learn how to update and maintain your new website with confidence and peace of mind.

Illustrated with examples and easy-to-understand language, this manual will take you from total newbie to professional.

Additional information

Custom Manual

Designed for WordPress beginners, Easy to read, Provides help in learning how to maintain a WordPress website


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