Small World Always Peachy
Technology can make the world seem small, but smartphones don't shrink the world. Our perception and our own self-interest does that.

The world isn’t small after all

Tech Review Nexus 5x header
I bought the Google Nexus 5x smartphone about a year after it released, and I wasn't disappointed. Here's my creative-friendly tech review!

Tech Review: Google Nexus 5x

Wanderlost Ireland 2017 Adventures
Join me on my exciting Ireland adventure as I return to travel blogging! For two weeks, I'll be exploring Ireland with some awesome travel buddies!

Wanderlost: Ireland adventures begin!

Fruit basket header
When I'm frustrated, I ask for patience, or when I'm tempted I ask for self-control. But those are Fruit of the Spirit I already have. Why am I asking?

Upset your fruit basket