My favorite coffee shops in Wichita

My favorite coffee shops in Wichita

I love coffee. But even more than that, I love coffee shops. As long as there are enough power outlets (and even if there aren’t), coffee shops often provide the break I need to jostle my overworked brain into production mode. The smell of brewing coffee, the bright murmur of conversation, the pretty pastries behind the glass at the front counter—coffee shops are among my favorite places to hang out.

And I’m not talking about your local Starbucks or Panera, although they’ll certainly do in a pinch. I’m a big fan of local joints. But maybe you’re facing the same trouble I did, and your city doesn’t have a coffee shop. For a long time, Wichita didn’t have many coffee shops around. There was one tucked away in a strip mall in the southern part of the city, but it was difficult to get to.

Well, someone started a coffee shop revolution in Wichita, Kansas. Now we have a bunch of them. So I thought I’d share a bit about some of my favorite coffee shops. This isn’t all of them. Not by far. But these are the ones I’ve been to that I really really love.


reverieHands down, I think Reverie is my favorite. They have some of the best coffee in Wichita, and they also have a beautiful location with space to chill and read or work on a laptop or tablet. Their coffee doesn’t have a lot of frills, so if you’re a fan of the fancy schmancy stuff, it might not work for you. But if you like good, rich, bold coffee with a few latte options on the side, Reverie is the place for you.

Mead’s Corner

meads-cornerMead’s Corner is another favorite spot of mine. They have a good cup of brewed coffee, and their lattes are great too. But their atmosphere is wonderful. Plenty of places to sit. Lots of electrical outlets. They also serve food along with their coffee, so if you want a salad or a sandwich, you can get it.

They also host local artists. If you’re looking for a great venue, Mead’s is a centrally located option, whether you’re in a band or a writer like me looking for a stage to perform on.

Twisted Java

tjTwisted Java is a little shop on the west side of town. It’s not as well known as other shops, but I love it! Their coffee is really good, and they have a variety of options on the menu as far as types of coffee and flavors. But what I love the most? They have such a fun, quirky atmosphere inside, it just makes me smile to be there. They also serve very tasty bierocks.


scootersScooter’s is another franchise, sort of like Starbucks but nothing like them. It’s hard to remember that they’re a franchise, mainly because none of their sit-down locations feel the same.

They have really reasonable prices on lattes and iced coffees too, which is nice, and their baristas are the nicest folks.


ecclesiaEcclesia is a local joint here in Wichita. Great coffee. Lots of open space. Easy to get to with lots of parking, which is something that Reverie and Mead’s both struggle with.

Ecclesia really focuses on building community too, so everyone there is awfully nice. The environment inside is spacious with some nice architecture, and if you want big windows you can sit close to them. If you don’t want big windows, you can sit in the back.

Espresso To Go Go

Now, ETGG isn’t exactly a coffee shop. They have some seating, but I don’t go to ETGG to work. I go to get the best lattes in town. No argument. No competition. ETGG’s Pumpkin Spice Latte is to die for. They have a French Toast Latte too. And a dark cocoa latte? Seriously. Good. Coffee.

They started out as a food truck sort of deal, except they didn’t sell food. Just coffee. And then they ended up starting two downtown locations in Wichita—one called Disco (named for the disco ball on the ceiling) and one called Unicorn (you guessed it, for the flying unicorn on the ceiling).

The Spice Merchant

beczcxsccaeeqnlHere’s another non-sit-down location with fabulous coffee. Sometimes you just need a place to go to buy coffee to brew for yourself, and this is where I send people. Plus, it’s just a great store to wander around in.

There are lots of gifts like tea pots and coffee mugs, among many others. It’s also famous for their spices. You can get all sorts of exotic flavorings and seasonings here. There’s also a whole section for loose-leaf tea.

But, no joke, best ground coffee for self-brewing in Wichita.


There are so many wonderful coffee joints around the country. I’ve just listed my favorites in Wichita. There’s a wonderful coffee shop with several locations in Manhattan, Kansas, called Radina’s. Radina’s is one of those beautiful local joints where friends can meet and catch up. It was the first real coffee shop I ever went to, and I fell in love with it.


Then, recently, I got the chance to check out an amazing coffee shop in Colorado Springs called Agia Sophia, which is an amazing bookstore and coffee shop in an old house in Old Colorado City. Incredible building!

Likewise, I ambled into a place called Inkwell and Brew in Estes Park, Colorado, a few days later, and I ended up spending several hours there. It’s a dangerous place, though. Packed full of books and journals too, on top of a nice selection of coffees, teas, and pastries.

Where do you like going for coffee? Tell me about your favorite place, and maybe the next time I’m in your city, I’ll get the chance to stop by!

A.C. Williams

Amy Williams left a lucrative career in marketing to write novels about space cowboys, clumsy church secretaries, American samurai, and alternate dimensions. Along the way, she also discovered a passion for teaching other creative professionals how to use technology to make life easier. Through video instruction or one-on-one coaching, she teaches software, blogging, basic graphic design, and many other useful skills that help creative entrepreneurs get stuff done minus the frustration.

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  1. Lawrence, KS is FULL of amazing coffee shops!!! My favorite there by far is Signs of Life, which is a coffee shop with excellent (and fair trade) coffee, a bookstore (with a CS Lewis section!), AND an art gallery! The people are pretty awesome, too. You can sit at the window and people-watch all the crazy happenings in Mass Street, chill in the back of the coffee shop area, enjoy your coffee whilst among the art upstairs, get cozy on the more secluded couch and armchairs in the back, or use the little conference-style area. Some of my fave drinks: the Talking Donkey and their pumpkin pie frappe! 🙂

    Other great Lawrence shops include: Amy’s (good basic drinks, cozy atmosphere with mismatched furniture, connected to the antique shop next door), Java Break (definite college atmosphere, but open 24 hours a day–great for late night cram sessions!, and fun and funky atmosphere where you’re allowed to write and draw on the walls and tables).

    Great Wichita picks! I’ve been to most and have lots of friend’s who have raved about the others! And Radina’s is amazing!!!! One of my all-time favorite coffee shops! Their chai latte is the best!!! 🙂

    1. Woohoo! I love this. I see some coffee shops in my future that I need to go visit!!

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