My favorite spots in Estes Park

My favorite spots in Estes Park

I’m sitting in Estes Park, Colorado today, thoroughly enjoying some much-needed introvert time. But in case any of you are ever in this area, I thought I’d share some of my favorite spots in this cute little mountain town.

Great Eats

The two places I love to eat while I’m in Estes are (hands down) the Big Horn Restaurant and Himalayan Curry and Kebob.

Big Horn EstesBig Horn has the best breakfast in the city. Pancakes as big as your head. Omelets you can split and still be too full to move. Great coffee. And reasonable prices. Seriously, you can’t go to Estes and not eat at Big Horn at least once.

Himalayan Curry and KebobHimalayan Curry and Kebob has fabulous Indian cuisine. They serve light, crispy papadum (lentil crackers) and fragrant, amazing chicken korma. I may try something else other than korma when I go this time, but then again, maybe not. I do love a good korma.

Great Fun

Then as far as places to hang out go, I love spending time in Inkwell and Brew, an adorable bookstore and coffeeshop that’s sort of hidden away. It has great coffee and books upon books, but it’s dangerous for me to be around those things for very long. Coffee, books, and journals are my kryptonite!

Inkwell and Brew coffee and journals

So my next favorite place to wander is the little plaza near Performace Park. Lots of trees, a beautiful little stream, and plenty of places to sit and read. They even have one of those little mobile Littlest Libraries. Granted, it doesn’t have much that’s actually good reading, but it’s still cool.

I might just leave a book there.

patterson glassworksFinally, I love dropping into Patterson Glassworks to watch the glass blowing experts make beautiful things. Maybe I’m just easily entertained, but I could watch this sort of thing for hours.

There are SO MANY other things to do in Estes Park, tons of shops to explore, trails to hike, mountains to enjoy, that it’s impossible to fit them on a short list. But these are the highlights I’m planning to hit while I’m Estes this week.

So if you’re ever in the area, stop into one of these amazing places.

A.C. Williams

Amy Williams left a lucrative career in marketing to write novels about space cowboys, clumsy church secretaries, American samurai, and alternate dimensions. Along the way, she also discovered a passion for teaching other creative professionals how to use technology to make life easier. Through video instruction or one-on-one coaching, she teaches software, blogging, basic graphic design, and many other useful skills that help creative entrepreneurs get stuff done minus the frustration.

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