Kale Ravenwood is the other main character of the Morningstar Series. He makes his first appearance in Ashes, the prelude to Nameless, when he first joins the crew of Talon McLeod’s bounty hunting ship, the Prodigal. Kale has a mysterious past and travels under the alias Matthew Sullivan, but with extreme hand-to-hand combat skills and incredibly accurate sniping skills, it doesn’t take long to figure out that he used to work for a syndicate. The question is, which one?

Kale is desperately running away from his past and is only willing to trust a few people, for fear that his past will endanger his friends.


Pre-Nameless Character Short

Ashes, an e-short prelude to Nameless

Nameless: The Destiny Trilogy Part One

Rise: A Morningstar Series Short Story

Namesake: The Destiny Trilogy Part Two 

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