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A girl trapped in a universe that has forgotten God, when God is all she can remember … 

“A sci-fi treat filled with action, romance, and the eternal quest of remembering who we really are.”
– Tosca Lee, New York Times Bestseller

Join Xander, the nameless survivor of a mysterious accident in space, as she journeys across the solar system in search of her past. She finds friends where she least expects them, romance when she doesn’t want it, and enemies who are willing to do anything to capture her.

Books one and two of the Destiny Trilogy, Nameless and Namesake, are available from Steel Rigg Books, an imprint of Crosshair Press. Along with two short stories, “Ashes” and “Rise,” these books compose the Morningstar Series. The Destiny Trilogy will conclude in December 2016. The Morningstar Series will continue with several more planned full-length novels.

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