Technology: Friend of Creative Business Owners

Creative Techie Technology friend of creative business owners

Creative Business Owners Technology TrainingTechnology can be really intimidating. Whether you’re trying to work with social media to build relationships with customers or trying to blog to build an online presence, you probably feel like you waste countless hours tweaking and guessing to even get a post to show up. There’s nothing more discouraging than chasing your tail.

Maybe you’re one of the countless creative business owners I’ve met who just can’t make Microsoft Office work for them. You’ve listened to tutorials on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but none of it makes sense. And while you might be able to make the program work for you, you don’t understand the why or the how behind it. So you can’t always repeat it.

Ready to give up?

Nobody would blame you if you wanted to chuck technology into a corner and forget about it. Most days, it feels like more trouble than it’s worth, and even if you spend hours trying to make it work, there’s no guarantee that it will do you any good.

Isn’t it better to focus on your actual business instead of wasting time with your word processor? Sure, but if you want your business to grow, you’ve got to connect with customers. And the best way to connect with customers requires using technology.

So what’s the answer? Are you just doomed to fail, to spin your wheels trying to get a projector to project or a printer to print?

What if you had help?

I wanted to understand why a program worked (or didn’t work), and once I grasped the why, I needed to understand the how. By getting both of those down, I could reliably repeat the process on any computer I found.I started using a computer when I was around seven or eight years old, and I had to learn DOS to make it work. But that old Blue Chip started me on an ever-evolving journey of learning how to make technology work for me. I wanted to understand why a program worked (or didn’t work), and once I grasped the why, I needed to understand the how. By getting both of those down, I could reliably repeat the process on any computer I found.

When I got older, something happened, and I found myself in the role of technology advisor to just about everyone I met, whether at home, at work, at school, or even to strangers in random coffee shops. Whether it was Word or Excel, Photoshop or Paint, WordPress or Blogger, I could always make software do what I wanted, and I could teach others how to do the same thing.

Technology is my friend

I love my tech. I couldn’t do quarter of what I do without it, and my business would be non-existent. But over and over, I keep meeting creative business owners who are frustrated and irritated by technology. Some are struggling with software issues. Others are fighting hardware problems. The rest are just overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start.

I’ve been helping people randomly for years in a very disorganized way, but I’ve decided to change that.

Introducing The Creative Techie

The Creative Techie

I want to help creative business owners learn to use technology in a way that grows their businesses. Regardless if you need tutoring in Microsoft Office, step-by-step instructions on Photoshop, or face-to-face training on WordPress, I want to teach creative business owners how to make technology work for them. And not only point-and-click training: I want you to understand how and why it works.

It’s like the old Chinese proverb of the fisherman. You can give him a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach him to fish and feed him for the rest of his life. That’s my vision for The Creative Techie. I want to teach creative business owners how to use technology, and then they can accomplish great things with their businesses.

Officially Launching May 26

The Creative Techie will go live on May 26, starting with an inaugural blog post that some of you may find useful, a creative-friendly review of the Nexus 5x smartphone. Afterward, I’ll post a product review, techie tip, or helpful hint at least once a month (probably more).

Free to be creative Tech Training for Creative Entrepreneurs Then, before the end of the year, I will have training packages available for purchase. I’m going to record detailed videos and webinars that explain the how and why of specific technology in language creative professionals can understand. If you’re local-ish, I’ll have in-person tech mentoring; if you’re not local-ish, we can chat about hosting an in-person seminar. I’ll also have independent study curriculum if you’re introverted like me and prefer to study on your own.

Everything I do will be geared toward creative business owners. So there won’t be long, rambling technical diatribes, confusing acronyms, or (and this is the big one) annoying typos. Plus, I’ll host giveaways and feature coupons and generally cool stuff.

So be sure that you’re following me on social media, because that’s where I’ll be posting updates and announcements. But also, sign up for the Creative Techie Update, a non-techie newsletter that will make you laugh and get you information you need.

Technology can be your friend too

Don’t spend another moment uncertain of your tech and how to use it. I’m here to help, and I can’t wait to get started!

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