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Ever need a keyboard for writing on the go? I did.

I went to Ireland for two weeks this spring. With an eight-hour flight ahead of me, I really wanted to get some writing done, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to lug my laptop around with me. Also, I knew I had some blog updates I wanted to write. But airline travel with a laptop is a pain in the neck.

That’s when I had an idea. Was it possible to use my Kindle Fire as a word processor? And if so, could I get a keyboard to work with it? The Answer: Absolutely.

A little background

old kindle fire

My 8.9″ Kindle Fire purchased in 2013

The first thing I should tell you is that my Kindle Fire is OLD. I bought it in January 2013. It’s an 8.9”, 32GB model, but it has 4G LTE capability. That means it’s not totally dependent on a wireless network; it can use a data signal like a cell phone. You just have to pay for data usage.

I’m not even sure if Amazon offers Kindle Fires with data packages anymore.

Regardless, I did a bit of research and found an app that functions as a word processor for Kindle Fire, and then I looked for a keyboard that I could transport with my Kindle.

What I found was the Jelly Comb Universal Bluetooth Keyboard.

The Product


Jelly Comb Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

This Bluetooth keyboard is lightweight and slim, which makes it easy to carry in a bag, purse, or sleeve. It runs on two AAA batteries (sold separately), and the keyboard offers a Fn key for increased functionality. The power switch at the top allows you to save battery life, and the connect button makes it easy to pair with your Bluetooth device.

This particular keyboard has nearly 1,200 reviews on Amazon with an overall total of four stars.

I ordered this keyboard for $10.99 on May 16, 2017.


Practically, this thing is a breeze. It’s super easy to install the batteries, connect to my device, and start using. It’s as lightweight as they say, and I didn’t have any trouble fitting it in my travel bag. I installed the batteries in it before we left the country on May 23, and I haven’t replaced them yet two months later. The keys also have a good, solid feel.


The biggest issue I noticed with this keyboard is the strength of its connection. Now, that could be the age of my Kindle Fire. Its Bluetooth capacity may be inferior, so it’s difficult to judge if this is the fault of the tablet or the keyboard. But I had to slow down my normal rate of typing because the keyboard couldn’t keep up.

Again, my suspicion is my Kindle Fire is the problem. That being said, it’s something to be aware of. If you match this keyboard with an older Bluetooth device, you may experience some chugging when it comes to your typing speed.


tech review graphic for instagram hermes the frog keyboard

This is a great buy. I’m glad I got it, especially at such a reasonable price. I have enjoyed using it so much that I may go with a “real” tablet computer when my laptop kicks the bucket.

If you have a tablet that you’re using to compose long paragraphs on, stop using the virtual keyboard (unless you just really enjoy it). For around $12, you can get a perfectly capable Bluetooth keyboard that will connect with almost every Bluetooth device you own. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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