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Wanderlost Ireland 2017 Adventures

Wanderlost: Ireland adventures begin!

Join me on my exciting Ireland adventure as I return to travel blogging! For two weeks, I’ll be exploring Ireland with some awesome travel buddies!

Sarah, Amy, and Katie

Safely home again … but not for too long!

It’s so cliched, but there really is no place like home. We arrived safely late Tuesday night. I could have posted in the interim, but I was afraid I was going to let our big surprise slip! The Nomad came home with us! It’s a really long Only-God kind of story, and I won’t go […]

Fake Baker Street 187 N Gower

Fake Baker Street and the coolest street market ever

So yesterday was crazy and I didn’t get a post up. We got The Ginger off to meet her flight early. It’s kind of strange how you get the airport in London. You actually take the tube. The Piccadilly Line goes straight into Heathrow. But once we saw her off, we went back to the […]

Famous sunflowers, river boats, beefeaters, and gelato

Well, if you thought yesterday was crazy, today will wear you out. I don’t know how many miles we did around London, but we’re all exhausted. It was a 12-hour day for us. The Nomad made sandwiches again, and we loaded my backpack down. Then we all took off for Trafalgar Square. The passage in the […]

Clock towers, churches, underground bunkers, and palaces

Yesterday was beautiful. Today was freezing! It rained pretty much all day long, and if it got to 50 I’ll be surprised. But we went out and saw the sights regardless! Even when we were soaked to the bone from the rain and could see our breath, we still kept going! It started with an […]

Paying for potty stops, 007’s garage, and dodging traffic on Abbey Road

We are coming off our first day in London, and man are my feet tired! We covered a lot of ground in a few hours.The train ride into London from Carlisle was uneventful, which was nice. It gave The Nomad and me and chance to look over some parts of the newest Crosshair Press novel […]

A Scottish breakfast and Indian take-away

So we spent much of today recovering from yesterday and driving back to Carlisle in Pierre the Peugeot. We at a late breakfast/early lunch at The Golden Larches, the little family diner near our cabin. That place is wonderful. If you’re ever in Balquhidder, stop by the Golden Larches. Have a steak pie and a […]

What doesn’t kill me makes me Scottish?

I can now say that I’ve climbed a mountain in the rain to look at a rock. We all woke up this morning and dressed for a vigorous hike, and after we ate a breakfast of granola and yogurt, we piled back into Pierre the Peugeot and headed for the kirk of Balquhidder. The kirk […]

A bold Scottish adventure in a tiny French car

Years and years ago, I started planning a trip to Balquhidder, Scotland. Getting to travel to the place where my dad’s family came from was really more of a pipe dream than anything else. I wasn’t sure it would actually ever happen. Well, we arrived in Balquhidder on May 10, and let’s just say it […]

The lake town with the silent W

Yesterday was a total blur, which is why I’m posting the next morning! For our time here so far, we’ve had beautiful weather, and yesterday was no exception. It might have sprinkled on and off, but that was it. We slept in a bit and went to the Shabby Scholar for lunch. The Shabby Scholar […]

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