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When do reboots cross the line?

When a rebooted television show or movie changes the storylines and characters from their original design, can they really be called reboots? Wouldn’t it be better to call it an original story inspired by something else, rather than changing what the original creator intended?

Be careful who rents space in your life

My family always stayed in hotels when we traveled, and that carried over to me as I’ve taken my various trips around the country and the world. When I worked for a big corporation, I stayed in hotels when they sent me on business trips. But recently, I discovered something that I think is amazing! […]

My favorite Christmas ornaments

I love decorating for Christmas, so here are six of my favorite ornaments that are hanging on my tree right now!

Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War

Spoiler-free review of Captain America: Civil War

Colorado Adventures with Gwenny

I’m not a hugely spontaneous person (normally), but every now and then I do something nobody expects. Like this week when me and my roomie went on a crazy jaunt up to the Denver area to hang out with a good friend of ours for a few days. Our friend was visiting her parents (who […]

Keep your opinions off the page instead of on them

Your opinions and viewpoints are essential to what you’re writing. You can’t write a novel if you don’t believe something passionately. But there are better ways to integrate your beliefs into your writing rather than just dumping your emotions on the page.

Review: The Jungle Book

Review of the new, live-action movie, The Jungle Book, directed by Jon Favreau

Attitude 7: If you already know it all, you can’t learn anything

I identify with Hermione Granger. Even though personality tests usually connect me to Neville Longbottom (which I’m okay with too), I’ve always felt that Hermione and I would get along famously. We’re both bookworms. We’re both bossy. We both like to know the answers to every question. I guess we both can be accused of […]

Worldbuilding 101: The key to creating a world readers can experience

Major storms are crawling across the Central Plains today. There’s a super high possibility that we’ll see a massive outbreak of tornadoes across South Central Kansas late this afternoon or early evening. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a TOR:CON index this high, but, in typical Midwestern fashion, it didn’t stop anyone from going about […]

Writing Mechanics: Show vs. Tell

A sneak peek of New Name (Destiny Trilogy #3) and a brief bit about showing vs. telling in writing