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AWSA 2017 header

A Newbie’s Guide to AWSA 2017

I’m on the road again this morning, this time to AWSA, the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association Conference in Cincinnati! Here’s what I’m bringing!

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PENCON highlights

If you’re a freelance editor looking to enhance your business, your web presence, or your client base, PENCON is a conference you don’t want to miss.

The death of bromance

It just seems to me that our entire culture revolves around sex. It’s like we can’t define ourselves without it.

Conversations of George & Jane

I posted tidbits of a very loud, obnoxious conversation I couldn’t avoid overhearing in a coffeeshop the other day, and so many people thought it was funny, I decided to share the other bits and pieces I made note of. Be on the lookout for these interactions in my novels. Some of them are so […]

Why editors are awesome

We should designate a National Editor’s Day because novel editors don’t get enough love. So here’s my contribution to celebrating the gluttons for punishment that are essential to creating an awesome story.

Overheard in a coffeeshop

People often ask me where I get my ideas for stories and characters. That’s a difficult question to answer because they come from everywhere. Shows I’ve watched. Photographs I’ve seen. People I’ve known. My own life, or my crazy imagination. And some random combination of all the above. But when it comes to creating characters, […]

I think I actually like teaching

Back in September, my business partner and I drove down to Midland, Texas, to teach at the Permian Basin Writer’s Workshop sponsored by the Midland Public Library. We had such a fabulous time! We met so many wonderful people and truly enjoyed ourselves. I got to teach one session, Page-Turning Plot Structure, and then Katie […]

Writing humor isn’t a laughing matter

Writing humor takes practice. Humor has a rhythm, and if you want to make people laugh, you have to learn to hear it.

Learning how to prioritize my projects

Writers live and die by due dates, otherwise known in this career field as deadlines. There’s a reason writers have deadlines. From what I know of most of us, we have a tendency to procrastinate. We won’t call it procrastinating, though. It’s giving our brains a rest. It’s letting our creativity reboot. So what if […]

How to build a complex plot based on a simple message (Part 1)

One of the questions my writer friends always ask me is how I can come up with intricate, complex plots for all the novels I write. Well, I never really thought about it. So I decided that maybe I should think about it. So that is what this series is about: how to build a […]