The Word Business

I write for a living, and I work for myself. It hasn’t always been easy. It’s not actually easy now, but I’m not subsisting on ramen noodles yet. Want to know how I’m doing it? This is where I share everything I’ve learned working as a freelance wordslinger.

People often ask me where I get my ideas for stories and characters. That’s a difficult question to answer because they come from everywhere. Shows I’ve watched. Photographs I’ve seen. People I’ve known. My own life, or my crazy imagination. And some random combination of all the above. But when […]

Overheard in a coffeeshop

Back in September, my business partner and I drove down to Midland, Texas, to teach at the Permian Basin Writer’s Workshop sponsored by the Midland Public Library. We had such a fabulous time! We met so many wonderful people and truly enjoyed ourselves. I got to teach one session, Page-Turning […]

I think I actually like teaching