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Book update you've been waiting on

The book update you’ve been waiting on

I bet you’ve been wondering how my book is coming. I’m going to answer with a question. Which book are you talking about?

Your Voice Counts Header Image

Your voice counts

Do you hate giving voice to your opinion because it won’t change anything? What if I told you there’s a contest where your voice really matters?

New Name is a Finalist!

Here’s some pretty awesome news from my corner of the internet. If you haven’t heard, you’re definitely going to want to check this out!

The Real McNeil

I’d like to introduce the internet to the real Kimberly McNeil (at least, as real as she will ever be). I hope you like her, because she’s got quite a story to tell.

How to rock a Facebook Party

Have you ever been to a book release party? I have. I remember the first one I ever attended. It was MASSIVE. Of course, it was for Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. I think it was Watermark books who put it on. They rented out the Orpheum and counted down the time until midnight, […]

Want to be part of a [digital] book tour?

One of my big plans for 2017 was a multi-state book tour that I was going to set up in friends’ houses. Well, 2017 has continued to increase in general busyness that I don’t have enough time to get to all those locations this year. So those plans are officially on hold until next year. […]

WIPJoy Summary

WIPJoy is an author promotion hashtag created by the amazing Bethany Jennings to help folks like me spread the word about the novel they’re currently writing. I thought it would be fun to post all my entries in one place!

Reviews are in! New Name is a keeper

New Name is a verified “keeper”! Check out what everyone is saying!

We partied like it was 2260

Not really. If it had been 2260, I’m sure there would have been lasers, alcohol from other planets, and spaceships. Alas. We only had lattes and bierocks, but they were tasty. Early on December 3, I got to Twisted Java with my dad and several boxes of books. We’d barely gotten everything set up before […]

New Name is now available!


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