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Q2 Outlook

It’s difficult to believe that the first quarter of the year is already done and over. Do you have any idea where it went? What is doubly amazing is that the first quarter of the year was my quiet quarter. Now that the second quarter is here, I’m not sure I’ll have time to stop […]

Blog Post Categories

My website is busy, so I thought I’d provide some helpful hints for reading blog posts on my website. Here are the six categories I use when I post.

Q1 Review

A review of my Q1 goals and achievements. Want to see all the awesome stuff I got done in the first three months of the year? It’s pretty exciting!

The house is trying to kill us

Life at Safe Haven Farm is never boring. Here’s the latest funny farm story to get you laughing on this beautiful Friday.

2017 Reading List

Want to know what I’m reading in 2017? Check out my list of books to read for this year. Maybe you’re reading the same thing!

Farm Kitten Report

Want to see some cute kitty pictures? What else is the internet for?

End of Year Recap: 2016 in a nutshell

It’s important to remember what the past year has brought, because then you can learn from it, so I’ll be counting down the highlights of 2016 in this post.

My Thanksgiving traditions

Every family has traditions during the holiday season. My family always gets together for Thanksgiving. How about yours?

Top 10 gifts for writers

Do you know a writer? If you do, I’m sure you sometimes wonder what exactly is going on in his or her head, right? It’s okay to admit it. Writers are odd ducks. The best of us embrace it. 😉 But as a writer who runs a blog frequented by non-writers, I thought maybe I’d […]

In Real Life: Saigon Oriental Restaurant in Wichita, KS

Read about a real-life location from my novel FINDING FIREFLIES