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My favorite spots in Estes Park

If you’re ever in Estes Park, Colorado, be sure to stop in and check out my favorite spots for coffee, fun, and chicken korma!

My favorite free photo sites

My lists of free photo sites and editing platforms

My Favorite Reads for a cold day

What are you reading this year? Anything good? Here are my favorite types of books to read during the long, cold days of winter!

My Favorite Christmas Gifts

The best Christmas gifts I gave or received this year! What did you get or give?

Five favorite fall treats

Autumn is my favorite season, and here are five things I love most about it!

My favorite coffee shops in Wichita

My favorite coffeeshops in Wichita, Kansas!

My Top Five Favorite Time-Travel Movies

There won’t be another day like this one for four years. That’s right. Today is Leap Day, February 29, 2016. So what are you planning to do today? Maybe you have something exciting and memorable planned. Maybe you have family traditions about leap day. I just watched a movie about an Irish legend of how […]