Geek Life

Are you a geek? If you’re not, that’s okay (nobody’s perfect, right?). Whether you were born geeky or are a recent convert to geekdom, you’re welcome here. I love stories, and I especially love geeky stories. So here’s where you’ll find posts about life as a geek, the movies, shows, and characters I love and why I love them. Maybe you’re not a geek now, but spend enough time around me, and you probably will turn into one. Just saying.

I heard a rumor online that Doctor Who will be going through another change soon. The current Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, may be ending his reign as soon as series 10 ends. If it holds up with the last few Doctors, it’ll probably happen Christmas 2017. Part of me […]

13 reasons why I love 12

I like weird stuff, and I used to think I was alone. Then I met all my awesome Realm Makers friends (shout out to the Realmies!), and I didn’t feel so strange anymore. That being said, the prevailing culture of Christianity skews to the “normal,” whatever that is. Maybe nobody […]

Strange and Stranger