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My website is busy, so I thought I’d provide some helpful hints for reading blog posts on my website. Here are the six categories I use when I post.

Grace is for the one who broke you

Grace is for the one who broke you

Grace, forgiveness, and trust get all muddled up in the Christian life handbook. Do you understand how they’re different? Do you know what grace really is?

AWSA 2017 header

A Newbie’s Guide to AWSA 2017

I’m on the road again this morning, this time to AWSA, the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association Conference in Cincinnati! Here’s what I’m bringing!

Book update you've been waiting on

The book update you’ve been waiting on

I bet you’ve been wondering how my book is coming. I’m going to answer with a question. Which book are you talking about?

Always Peachy Airplane Masks header

Airplane oxygen masks are a two-step process

I’m not a fan of airplane travel, but recently it reminded me of an important lesson. There’s a process to helping people, and it starts with you first.

arriving home header

Going home via Dublin, Belfast, and Chicago’s Cloud Gate

It’s so good to be home. My Ireland adventure is over now, and I’m excited to share my stories. Here’s an overview of my last week in Dublin!

Small World Always Peachy

The world isn’t small after all

Technology can make the world seem small, but smartphones don’t shrink the world. Our perception and our own self-interest does that.

An Irish prison, an English Market, a medieval overnight, and a secret speakeasy

Hello, fellow wanderers! My goodness, what a crazy week it’s been. It’s hard to believe it was only a few days ago when I last wrote a blog post update from Ireland. So much has happened, it feels like at least two weeks have passed! I’m going to do my best to nutshell the last […]

A New Phone and God's Faithfulness Header

A new phone and God’s faithfulness

I bought my phone because I trusted the seller. If we’re going to believe God’s promises, that means we need to trust who He is. Fortunately, He tells us.

Tech Review Nexus 5x header

Tech Review: Google Nexus 5x

I bought the Google Nexus 5x smartphone about a year after it released, and I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s my creative-friendly tech review!

An update from Ireland

An update on my adventures in Ireland!