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AlwaysPeachy Devotionals
AlwaysPeachy Devotionals

Looking for practical, no-nonsense devotionals with a touch of humor and a dash of popular culture? Your search is over. AlwaysPeachy began as a daily blog intended to help author A.C. Williams get focused in the mornings. But with its quirky humor and unapologetic stance on Scripture, it quickly became something more than just a morning pick-me-up.

This printed version includes 33 daily devotionals, one for every day of the month and a few more for good measure. With Bible passages featured in multiple versions, readers don’t have to speak Greek or Hebrew to get the point. Highlighting verses that stretch from the Old Testament to the New Testament, AlwaysPeachy is straight talk on subjects many Christians don’t want to admit they struggle with.

An honest look into the life and learning experiences of a Christ-follower, AlwaysPeachy explores what it really means to trust God.

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