Meg Mitchell Cover Art

Have you ever wondered why I promote and sell books written by another author? Have you ever come by my signing table and seen Meg Mitchell & The Secret of the Journal  by Kimberly McNeil and thought it was strange? Have you ever wondered who Kimberly McNeil actually is? You’re not alone. It’s a question I get frequently.

I am Kimberly McNeil.

This is the name I use when I’m writing for young adults. My series, The Legend of the Lightkeepers (in which Meg Mitchell & The Secret of the Journal is the first), is an epic urban fantasy novel. Choosing to write under an assumed name was a difficult choice, but I’m glad I did it. Because Kimberly McNeil is more than a pen name: She’s a character in the series. 

She is the one telling us the story of the Lightkeepers and their allies, where they came from, why they fight for us, and how they emerged victorious from a war being waged with our world as the prize. That being said, since she’s actually a character in the story, she has a personality all her own.

So that’s why you’ll see Lightkeepers books at my table when you come to visit. And if you want to play along with the ruse, you can always ask me how she’s doing. Believe me, she talks in my head all the time.

Who is Kimberly McNeil?

I’m Scottish, raised in Balquhidder on my aunt and uncle’s B&B. I’m a journalist with BBC Cumbria now, and I was unfortunate enough to meet a mad cloaked woman at the White Raven some time ago. She decided I looked like someone who cared about her story, and I guess she was right. Because now I’m telling everyone, and I’m not even sure I believe it yet.




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