Howdy, I’m Amy!

I am a writer, novelist, publisher, editor, homeschool graduate, country girl who loves cats, sci-fi, and coffee. But the most important thing to know about me is that I belong to Jesus, the Son of God, who loves me, directs me, and forgives me when I screw up (which happens more often than I care to admit). I am a storyteller, and I’ve never met a boring person.

Where I Started

I’m a transplanted Texan, ya’ll, but I’m proud to call Kansas home. I met Jesus when I was seven years old, and I always wanted Him to have the first say in everything I did. But I could never really figure out how to live for Him in the practical aspects of life. Sure, I could love Him and love others. Yes, I made choices based on the Bible, and I lived according to God’s rules. But I always felt like I was missing something vital.

It took me years to figure out what that something was, but once I understood, my entire life turned upside-down. I’d been trying to fit God into my everyday life, when it needed to be the other way around. God needed to be my everyday life, and everything else should fit around Him.

So in February 2015, I walked away from the best job I’d ever had, and I started my own business. I work from home as a freelance writer and novelist, and (just being honest) sometimes finances are tight. But I have everything I need. And what’s better than anything, when God tells me to go somewhere or do something, I don’t have to ask for permission or vacation time from anyone else. I can just pack up my ratty old back and hit the road.

Living this way, completely dependent on the Lord, has taught me a lot about who God is and who I am. While not everyone can or should choose this lifestyle, I’ve learned that an everyday life can be extraordinary if God is in it. And those are stories and experiences I want to share with the world, because who doesn’t want an extraordinary life everyday?

What This Site Is About exists to share stories and experiences about walking with God in everyday life, what it looks like, why it works, and how others can discover the extraordinary in the everyday. My mission is to encourage, empower, and inspire you to know God deeply, to live freely, and to laugh loudly, all while you gain practical insight on the Bible, useful tips and tricks for travel, and helpful hints for writing and running your own business.

This site is chocked FULL of content, and that can be totally overwhelming if you’re new in these parts. My goal is to make the site as user-friendly as possible, so here’s more info on what you’ll actually find on this site.

[fac_button icon=”coffee” name=”Doing Life” title=”Doing Life” link=”” color=”#9aeeaa”] Doing Life

Jesus didn’t save us so we could sit on our blessed assurance. We have free access to the abundant life, and that mean we Do Life. Doing Life, for me, is a multi-faceted whirlwind of awesome, and every post in this category is about making everyday extraordinary. That includes Following Jesus (formerly Always Peachy Devotionals), Being Single, Living Country, Eating Well, Photography, and Budgeting.

You can find all the DOING LIFE posts HERE.

[fac_button icon=”pencil-square-o” name=”Telling Tales” title=”Telling Tales” link=”” color=”#6496ed”] Telling Tales

I am a storyteller. I can’t help but write, and I want to share what I’ve learned about writing. You’ll find articles and series in this category about how to write books and short stories, how to run your own writing business, and detailed information on worldbuilding techniques. I also post frequently about the mechanics of writing as well as the art of writing. This is where you can find stuff on my books too.

You can find all the TELLING TALES posts HERE.

[fac_button icon=”suitcase” name=”Going Places” title=”Going Places” link=”” color=”#bb7aff”] Going Places

Traveling has always been a part of my life, and it provides a wonderful opportunity to see incredible sights, learn about different cultures, and spend blessed time with family and friends. But travel isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always cheap. So I wanted to collect all of my experiences about travel, both foreign and domestic, and share them. In this category, there are tips and tricks, journal entries written on the road, information about cultures and climates, helpful detail about international travel, and hilarious stories about my personal blunders.

You can find all the GOING PLACES posts HERE.

[fac_button icon=”thumbs-up” name=”Having Fun” title=”Having Fun” link=”” color=”#ff9966″] Having Fun

Who doesn’t like to have fun? I seriously hope nobody has their hand up. Life is too short to spend it being bored, especially when God has made such a beautiful world for us to enjoy. But this category isn’t for hiking or camping or traveling or any of that. You’ll find that in the Going Places category. Here is where you’ll find my thoughts on different books, television shows, and movies. I love great stories, and I love sharing them with people. So you’ll get my take on the entertainment world, as well as my thoughts about where to find Jesus in popular culture.

You can find all the HAVING FUN posts HERE.

[fac_button icon=”shopping-bag” name=”The Shop” title=”The Shop” link=”” color=”#ff6666″] The Shop

The Shop isn’t up and running quite yet, but this will be your single destination for the books I’ve written, as well as titles by other people I know.

Talk to Me!

The best way for you to get in touch with me is through email. Please feel free to drop me a line whenever you’d like. I love hearing from folks, and if you have trouble finding anything on this site, just let me know. I’m glad to help!

If you want to stay up to date with everything that’s happening, though, the best way is to sign up for my monthly newsletter. It’s free, and it has so many wonderful things in it, I don’t have room to tell you. You can find me on Facebook, of course, and Twitter. I’m also active on Instagram, and I’m learning how to use Pinterest.

I am currently accepting new clients for my freelance writing business, so if you’d like me to quote a project to you, just shoot me an email. Additionally, I am available to teach writing workshops and blogging classes. Again, just send me an email, and we’ll connect.

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