Fiction Writing

The Legend of the Lightkeepers Book 2 – novel, May 2017 (Crosshair Press)

New Name: The Destiny Trilogy Part Three – novel, coming December 2016 (Steel Rigg Books)

Burn – short fiction, November 2016 (Steel Rigg Books)

Nightmare Is Real – short fiction, RealmScapes Fiction Anthology, July 2016 (Brimstone Publishing)

Meg Mitchell and the Secret of the Journal (The Legend of the Lightkeepers, book 1) – novel, March 2016 (Crosshair Press)

Namesake: The Destiny Trilogy Part Two – novel, December 2015 (Steel Rigg Books)

Rise – short fiction, December 2015 (Steel Rigg Books)

Finding Fireflies – novel, February 2015 (Crosshair Press)

Nameless: The Destiny Trilogy Part One – novel, December 2014 (Steel Rigg Books)

Ashes – short fiction/prelude, October 2014 (Steel Rigg Books)


Fiction Editing

Savas: The Katiller Book 2 – novel by Karis Waters & Carrie Lemke (Crosshair Press)

Kenan: The Katiller Book 1 – novel, June 2015 by Karis Waters & Carrie Lemke (Crosshair Press)

Short Stories

“Ditching Sinatra” – 500 words – Splickety Love 2.2May 2015 (p16)

“The Enemy of My Enemy” – 2,000 words – Barbaric Yawp, December 2012 (pp19-23)

“Caught Left Handed” – 2,700 words – True Story Magazine, December 2011

 “The Apricot Tree” – 500 words – The New Mexico Breeze


“Nightmare is Real” – 2,500 word short, finalist in the Brimstone Publishing Fiction Contest

“Ditching Sinatra” – 500 word short, Finalist in Splickety Love‘s Stupid Cupid Contest

“The Apricot Tree” – 500 word short – First Place Southwest Writers Quarterly Contest

“June Landreth” – 500 word character sketch – Second Place Southwest Writers Quarterly Contest

Self-Published Works

Being Always Peachy – a year of daily devotionals

Surefooted – a month of daily devotionals about trusting God

“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” – short story available on Kindle and Other Platforms

AlwaysPeachy Devotionals – a month of daily devotions about what it’s really like to walk with God

Non-Fiction Articles

“6 Tips to Simplify International Travel” – Kansas Country Living Magazine, June 2015

“Viega ProPress® will LIVESTRONG® in Kansas City” – Plumbing Engineer, February 2012 (®ProPress is a registered trademark of Viega. ®LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.)


“The Bright Side” – skit –

“Balloons” – skit –

“Pieces” – skit –

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